19 Jan 2018

1 Dress 4 Looks Take 17

Although recently I started to have doubts whether this impulse buy dress was such a good idea, having worn Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Sugar Bouquet Shirring Princess JSK to the Dim Sum meet kind of revived my love for it. It’s a great Sweet-Classic piece with enough oldschool vibes to please oldschool fans and enough detachable pieces to satisfy the lovers of versatility.

16 Jan 2018

Coord Catchup

Phew, all the New Year stuff is behind us now, things have calmed down over here, we can finally get on with life as normal. Because there were a few outfits back in December that I never shared here, as well as one in January already. None of them was an occasion big enough to warrant its own post, so here’s a roundup of the couple of last Lolita outfits I wore and documented (there were one or two that went by undocumented) in chronological order.

12 Jan 2018

Sweet Dolly House Lucky Pack Review

Another lucky pack has arrived. Well, it actually arrived just before 2017 ended, but there were other things to prioritise posting at that time – but the review still stands true!

9 Jan 2018

Updated Lolita Level Up Quiz - version 3.0!

The Lolita Level Up Quiz is pretty much a classic now. But ever since doing it on camera, I wanted to give it an update. I used the spare time I had, making this a project, and I took the quiz from FYeahLolita and the Parfait Doll one that it’s based upon, and worked my way from there to create this. I present to you the Lolita Level Up Quiz version 3.0!

5 Jan 2018

2018 Wishlist

As someone who enjoys being organised and organising things, I like periodically looking through my wishlist and see if anything has changed. You’d be surprised how often you find that a bit of wait has turned an item from “OMG, NEED!” to “meh, don’t want it anymore”. The start of a new year is as good a time as any for this and this time I decided to split my wishlist into two parts: things that aim to fill the gaps in my wardrobe and things that I simply fancy and decided to actively pursue.


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