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Since I decided to join LJ for the purpose of following Lolita communities and sales, I felt almost a need to get all the Lolita thoughts, wishes, worries, rants and more off my chest. Better out than in, right?

So for anyone who happens to read this: hello! I go by the nickname Cupcake Kamisama, but my name's Paulina. I live in the UK and got into Lolita during my first study abroad trip to Japan in spring/summer 2011. It started kind of despite Lolita, as in I bought a JSK from Bodyline which I thought would work great as a 1950s-like halterneck (the Wrap Ribbon Halter Neck JSK, l262 in red, for those interested) - and then started looking into it more and coming back to the Osaka Bodyline store and their website more often. By the time I went to Japan for my second study abroad in autumn 2013, I was getting the hang of it, and by the time I came back home in autumn 2014, I was fully in it, understanding the differences between brands, styles, subtleties of coords and, most importantly, what kind of style I like as a Lolita. As well as made some Lolita friends. ^^ Now I'm just in a constant state of woe that I keep finding new pieces I love, but can't afford. And that I don't have nearly as many chances to wear it as I'd love, but at least that one I can work with!

Why Cupcake Kamisama? During my second year abroad I gained a bit of a reputation amongst my friends and local community as a good baker, with one friend declaring me a "cupcake goddess" or, in Japanese, a "cupcake kamisama". Later I started an informal business selling cakes and cupcakes under the same name, and the nickname sort of stuck. It's also probably the cutest/most Lolita nickname from the ones I go by on the Internet and the real world, so why not? And who knows, if I ever start another baking business (or maybe even a Lolita business, who knows), I could reuse the name.

And there it is, that's me, with a very simplified version of how I got into Lolita and who I am. There will be more to come, though don't expect any regularity, this really is meant to be a way for me to vent. So until next time. Ta!

Coord details:
| AP Merry Making Party OP (yellow) | cupcake earrings: Kinji, Ame-mura, Osaka | hair clip: Paris Kids, Harajuku, Tokyo | shoes (not pictured): Bodyline s522 (sax) |

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