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So in the past few weeks since I joined some Lolita communities (as of today, still mostly online), I read quite a few Lolita blogs and watched way more Lolita videos and vlogs than is really good for me. This has become my new pastime of sorts. But as I read and watched, I noticed this thing called Lolita Blog Carnival – the idea that on a set date all participating bloggers write a post on a set topic, and then link to each other’s blogs to spread the variety of ideas, styles and points of view within Lolita. And as I read and watched, I realised that I want to be a part of this, that I have something to say about some of the topics. So while I can’t officially participate (yet?), I decided to write those posts anyway. I won’t add “Lolita Blog Carnival” to the post title, but in brackets I’ll add the week that topic was covered, and anyone who’s interested should be able to then search for other posts on that topic via Google or YouTube.

I decided to start with this one, because I adore makeup, I actually had a phase of wanting to be a makeup artist when I was younger, and at least amongst my friends I found that there’s plenty of people who don’t know how to go about doing their make-up. I can’t do any cosplay-style face changing tricks, though I’m slowly getting the hang of contouring, but for the purpose of this post I’ll focus on easy things you can do that can make a big difference to a simple makeup. A lot of this knowledge/inspiration comes from vintage fashion/hair/makeup YouTubers (specifically Cherry Dollface and A Vintage Vanity), but also from drag, burlesque, Bollywood, a whole bunch of YouTube makeup tutorials and a few years of my own experience. When reading, do bear in mind that I am a white woman in my 20s, so not everything may work for other, especially non-Western features. It’s important that you don’t take everything at face value, but experiment in your free time to find out what works for you and what doesn’t (you really don’t want to be experimenting on the day of a tea party or important meet and find out last minute that something doesn’t suit you).

1. Create a crease 
I love to accentuate my eyes in makeup, regardless whether my makeup is subtle or strong, I always create a crease. If I wear makeup, you won’t catch me without that – it adds a depth to your eyes that disappears under makeup, especially single colour on eyelids. It takes seconds to do: pick a colour, put it on the brush and keep swiping it left and right into your natural crease, where you can feel the top of your eyeball meet the brow bone, until it looks like just a bit of a shadow. You can use any colour that goes with your look (neutral browns are great for the “no makeup” and natural styles), but whatever colour you choose, make sure it’s darker than your eyeshadow, as the point is to create a shadow and depth – lighter colours will only bring unwanted attention to the area, although it could still work for very flashy and out-there kind of looks.

2. Makeup fixing spray
Whether you’re anticipating hot/humid/other makeup-melting weather or just don’t want all your effort to disappear too quickly, I recently discovered that makeup fixing sprays are total magic. And fortunately you can now get them cheaply and don’t have to shell out on an Urban Decay or MAC ones; I got mine from Superdrug for a very budget-friendly £4, and I'm very happy with it: it does what it promised to and more, it was still going strong when I removed my makeup good 7-8 after applying it for a night out. For maximum durability, I use it at least three times: first after foundation and concealer, then after powder and blush, and finally after finishing my eyes. I have some pretty long-lasting lipsticks, so don’t feel the need to use the spray on my lips too, but by all means try it.
Pro-tip from drag queens: if you don’t want to invest in a separate product and if you won’t do it too often, use hairspray. It’s less comfortable, a lot harsher on your skin and probably more unpleasant, but does the job just as well. Plus, you probably already own it (or can borrow some off a friend/relative).

3. Make concealer your best friend
Clever use of concealer can really take your final look up to another level, it’s such a versatile product. Put some on your eyelids and/or lips and it’ll work as a primer – cha-ching, money saved on that! If you plan on wearing darker lipstick, then afterwards brush it around your lips to fix any less even lines and give it a lot cleaner, more polished look. Same goes for eyebrows, if you’re emphasising/drawing yours on. And, of course, there are the traditional, life-saving properties of hiding spots, blemishes, imperfections, and generally making your skin look flawless, like a Lolita should. Just make sure you get one that’s well suited for your skin, so as to not cause yourself more spots than you’ve hidden. 


4. Mascara base for the lazy, inexperienced and shaky handed
Yes, false eyelashes look absolutely fabulous, whatever look you’re going for. But while not particularly complicated, it’s still a skill that needs mastering – and even if you know how to do it, sometimes you’re simply in a rush or can’t be bothered, but still want big lashes. At those times putting some mascara base before you apply a coat of mascara (or even several coats!) can make a massive difference. It really helps the mascara give you the length or the volume you’re looking for, requires no particular skills and even if you have perpetually shaky hands, you’re not going to mess up your makeup. Some mascaras used to come with a base, the double sided ones, but nowadays you can get them separately for cheap as well. Pro-tip for those looking for volume: putting tiny dots with kohl eyeliner in between lashes will create the appearance of fuller lashes. You can even try covering your upper waterline with it, but that can be uncomfortable to do and cause you to cry, so it’s better reserved for the very confident/experienced or the very determined.

5. Own your look
That goes for anything you do, really – confidence can make or break a look. Even a professionally done makeup will look meh if you don’t feel good in it, and conversely even the simplest of looks can be stunning if you own it, act and feel like a million dollars. At the end of the day it’s your face and you have to feel comfortable with what’s on it. If you don’t, then no amount of pro-tips or fancy products will make you look like a star.

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