1 Dress 5 Looks Take 57


The Dumb Airline Dress. That’s its official title. The world thinks that it’s a one trick pony, especially in this colourway. And I am here to prove all of them wrong. Some of that I started last month - and some you’re about to see below.

Look 1: Meet Me at the Arcade

| offbrand jacket, socks and hair clips | Irregular Choice High Score shoes | tie from the dress to be used as a headband | Fluffy Tori pin | Love from the North pin | Chocomint ring | Twinkle Kitty Boutique ring |

Let’s make one thing clear, the only way I would actually wear this to an arcade would be for an aesthetic photoshoot. These shoes are not made for gaming, they are made for looking. Having said this, I love how this outfit exudes that cool kid at the arcade vibe - all that’s missing is popping bubblegum balloons!

Look 2: Simply Sporty

| offbrand top, socks, sneakers and hair clip | bow from Lady Sloth’s Winter Spices skirt | Cutie Creator wrist cuffs | Bubblegum Emporium necklace |

Or as sporty as lolita could get. But this is definitely more like something that I would actually wear to an arcade to play rhythm games in: comfy sneakers, a simple top, very few accessories, everything is easy to maintain (i.e. can just be thrown into the washing machine). I used the necklace to try to pull in some of the lavenders from the sneakers and while I like it as a statement piece, I would like to find a way to add a little bit more lavender to this coord. At the same time I didn’t want to overwhelm it with things since it’s supposed to be practical enough for action lolita.

Look 3: Fasten Your Seatbelts

| Innocent World blouse | Angelic Pretty Lovely Ribbon OTKs | offbrand boots | handmade hat |

Otherwise known as the quintessential look for which this dress was designed. Whilst I would like to add one or two more accessories, currently I don’t have much that fits this theme. Still, between the pops of orange and the different textures I don’t actually think that it looks that bare. This is one of those coords where, again, styling would help tie it together a bit more.

Look 4: Space Odyssey

| Lady Sloth Glitter Mesh blouse | Angelic Pretty Lovely Ribbon OTKs | offbrand jacket and boots | Boguta underskirt | Haruhi Clover headbow | Chocomint hair clip | Innocent World Moon and Star Pearl necklace | Twinkle Kitty Boutique ring |

Also known as cabin crew but in space. An aeroplane and a rocket aren’t that different in principle, so I wanted to make a more uchuu-kei leaning outfit with all the starry and space themes I could. It’s… a bit all over the place, I admit, but I don’t think it’s so in a bad way? Another one where the hair and makeup would do some heavy lifting, but I have faith for this.

Look 5: A Pop of Larme

| Lazy Oaf cutsew | Angelic Pretty Colourful Polkadot OTKs | Irregular Choice Total Freedom shoes | offbrand beret | Larme x Eat Me hair tie | Big Pink Boutique earrings | Rose Marie Seoir necklace | Star Glazed Delights ring | Lady Sloth brooch | Bibelot Rose badge |

Yes, a fifth one. Because I can, it’s my blog and I make the rules. And I really am hell bent on proving a point that this JSK is more versatile than people give it credit for. At this point a larme look is almost just as obligatory as an OTT one. Although I’ll admit that all I had noted down were the top and shoes combo - the rest happened very organically. Especially the socks, since my first thought was to go with white fishnets, but they are a nightmare to photograph in flatlays. These end up working surprisingly well, so I made black feature a bit more throughout the outfit and this is where it ended up at.

Is this everything that I could possibly do with this dress? Definitely not! At the back of my mind I also had ideas for coording this JSK with sax blue, potentially black, maybe even lavender… I know, I better steady myself there! And in the meantime I’m still accumulating more bits that will go specifically with this dress, jumping at opportunities whenever I see them. That’s probably the most fun part, pushing the limits of this supposedly limiting design and surprising even myself at what else is possible.


  1. Oh I love the Simply Sporty coord! And I can't wait to see your little airline hat worn, it look so cute.

    "Cabin crew but in space" feels like it needs to be the aesthetic of a synthwave/pop punk band. Which will have like four female members and a token dude, who probably play bass and sings occasionally. Despite being male, he will not get to dress as a pilot. The female lead singer/synth player gets to be the pilot.

    Now I want to be in a cool band...

    1. Now I totally want this synthwave/pop punk band to exist, release a smashing album and have a world tour, so that I could see them in concert, they sound absolutely amazing!


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