DIY Magic Stars Bracelet

Although I love Sweet Lolita, I haven’t gone quite into chocolate prints and themes just yet. Not exactly sure why, since chocolate is my drug of choice, although it’s most likely to do with the chocolate prints not coming in shades of blue or red (now that’d be some odd chocolate indeed). However, when I saw these adorable Milky Way Magic Stars charms on eBay I simply could not resist: I had to get them and make something out of them.

Magic Stars are one of my favourite chocolates, and they have been for as long as I remember. Considering that I don’t have any chocolate prints at the moment, I couldn’t make an entirely chocolate bracelet, so I focused on the star shape so that I could wear this with as many of my dresses as possible. This is also why I was keen on finding transparent, white/colourless star beads to accompany the charms – they’re neutral and as such should fit pretty much any colour scheme, but they’re also glittery which adds that something extra, that bit of sparkle.

The method I used is exactly the same as when I made the cherry charm bracelet, just thread the beads onto an elastic, with the only difference being that I added an extra loop onto the Magic Star charms so that they’d lie flat rather than sideways.

In the end I could’ve made the bracelet a little bit bigger: at the moment it fits alright, just a teeny tiny bit tight. Having said that, it’s not uncomfortable and I hope that this will help it stay in place so that the stars are facing up. Maybe if at any point I start feeling like it really should have a few extra beads I’ll add them, but I was also toying with the idea of using the remaining charms to make a pair of earrings, possibly a necklace even… Hopefully, if I ever need more, the eBay seller will still be able to make another set of twelve.

I’m definitely getting more and more into crafting my own accessories. Even an imperfect bracelet like this brings me a lot of joy and makes me proud that I could wear something unique. I’m still very much an amateur and a beginner, but with enough inspiration and reference photos I’m confident that I could eventually bring my crafts game up.

And in the meantime, or after that, maybe I’ll even learn to sew and will start making my own Lolita clothes as well… Hopefully. :)

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