Lolita Life Goals

It’s easy to get a bit too focused on the things to have within Lolita fashion: get this dream dress, buy that headpiece, acquire this blouse, trade one item for another… The only exception is making things, sewing or crafting, but in a way even that is about “having”. I agree with the people who are uncomfortable with the term “bucket list” unless they’re actually facing a possibility of dying soon, so let’s call this a Lolita Life Goals list.

I nicked the idea off Miuko’s blog, where she also has a list of things that she would like to do as a Lolita (and to do with her other Japan-related interests). It’s a great way to focus on experiences for a moment rather than possessions, engage with Lolita fashion, and possibly the community/-ties beyond simply acquiring items. Some of those goals could even go towards helping you level-up as a Lolita, depending on the things that you’d like to do to.

I will say a few words about each of the Lolita Life Goals I have here, and I’ll keep a simple copy on a separate page on the blog to tick these off as I do them. Some of those may be self-explanatory, but a brief explanation as to why I want to do that or how/when am I likely to fulfill that goal will hopefully make it a bit more interesting than a list of simple bullet points.

♥ Take part in a brand-sponsored tea party (preferably AP)

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It will be difficult, considering that those tea parties take place primarily in places where there’s a store branch. Outside Japan this means primarily San Francisco or Shanghai, neither of which I’m likely to get to just for the tea party. With the opening of an Angelic Pretty branch in Paris theres also a tea party, but I can’t make it this year because of dates: for once I am damning working term-time only within education, literally 2 weeks too early for me to be able to go. But I know that there will be more in the future, I mean, if they managed to hold a tea party in Paris before there was a branch, then surely they will manage after! And if not, then I’ll have to plan my trips to Japan accordingly if I am to ever tick that goal off the list.

♥ Model in a Lolita fashion show

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I’d love to model at least once. As of yet I haven’t even seen a Lolita fashion show other than glimpses on people’s vlogs or photos, but they look magical, and to be a part of such an experience would be simply amazing. Yeah, a significant part of it is that it’d be a great ego boost for myself, make me feel more confident as a Lolita, however, not to undermine the value of being able to express the share love for the fashion which all of us feel. Plus, it could be a chance to help an emerging brand get some exposure.

♥ Do an unboxing video

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Potentially leading into starting a Youtube channel, but that’s a thought for later. I’d definitely like to do an unboxing video at least once. All the obstacles to that which I can think of are purely technical, which I’m sure I could overcome: I could borrow a HD camera off work (although in a pinch my iPad seems ok too), I’m sure I could find a way to get plenty of light into my room and make it presentable as background, I could learn to play around with editing properly… And if it leads to something nicer, then even better!

♥ Celebrate both the summer and winter ILD

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At the moment I’ll miss the summer one because of bad planning on my behalf, but I am looking at attending the winter one. However, even with the unpredictable Yorkshire weather summer coordinates are much more fun to plan, plus I find it that little bit easier to plan for warmer weather with Lolita than to layer up well enough to not feel the colder weather. And it seems like a great way to meet people from other nearby comms, so all the more reasons to celebrate both.

♥ Take part in a large scale Lolita event or convention

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I already have everything sorted for Wicked and Whimsy this year, the event for UK Lolitas to celebrate The Tea Party Club’s 9th birthday. Yay! But it doesn’t stop there. Having seen hundreds of photos from Street Fashion Europe: Under the Sea, I’ve been so insanely envious of the people who went that I know I’ll have to try my hardest to go to next year’s one. Meeting Lolitas from other places in Europe, basking in the glamour of their splendid coords (and hopefully not feeling too bad about my own in comparison), going to the panels and talks, and the fashion show, and the tea party… It just sounds like the best experience in the world!

♥ Twin with someone

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The idea of twinning sounds amazing, and I’m very curious as to how the whole process looks behind the scenes. It would also be an opportunity to learn something from another Lolita, some coordinating tricks or tips for accessorising/posing/surviving the weather/anything. And then you get to the fun of twinning with someone, sharing your admiration and love for a print with someone who loves it just as much, and taking photos with your twin. Even someone who likes their own style and enjoys being one of a kind can surely see the appeal of that.

♥ Try Wa or Qi Lolita

Of all the lesser known sub-styles of Lolita, Wa is the one which appeals to me most, followed very closely by Qi. Recently I’ve seen quite a lot of more dresses and series of Wa/Qi themes than before, and not just from Taobao (although understandably its the leader as far as Qi Lolita’s concerned). I’m not sure if that’s a sub-style that I’d get into more long-term, but at the very least I’d like to try it on, see if it’d suit me.

Those are all the ones I can think of for now, but I’m sure that I’ll keep adding to it as I think of new things I’d love to experience and try – and as I tick off those I already have. 

How about you? What sort of experiences or Lolita Life Goals do you have? Is there anything on your list of goals which has been there for a long time?


  1. Yay! I'll have to look out for you at Wicked and Whimsy - I get really shy at big events (I worry it makes me seem standoffish), but I'll try and say hello! Are you going to Saturday and Sunday or just Saturday>

    1. Yeah, definitely! This'll be my first big event, so although I will be going with a few people from the Leeds comm, I will try my best to push myself out of my comfort zone and talk to people I haven't met before and make new friends. :) (Although I think we might have a chance to meet earlier - Biscuit mini meet, if it happens in Manchester?) I'm going for both days, how about you?

    2. Both days for me too! Leeds are super welcoming so I think you'll have a fantastic time - I know I did at my first event with them! Last year and in January TPC did a game to help you meet people so hopefully it's the same this year, it got me talking to new people.

      (also - how could I forget about biscuits?!)

    3. Yay, that sounds good. Anything that helps to break the ice. I honestly can't wait for it all, I strongly suspect that this will be the highlight of 2016 for me. :D

      (If only I had anything biscuity in my wardrobe... But cherries and whipped cream go with some biscuits, so surely... :P)

    4. I might be wearing cherries too - I don't own any food prints so I will be wildly off theme!

    5. It's always difficult trying to go with a theme when you don't own anything in that theme. I think this may have been partly what stopped me from even trying to go to Under the Sea, as I don't have anything marine or sea themed and didn't want to spend money on a whole new coord (and didn't realise that the theme wasn't compulsory). :P


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