Biscuit Meet and Coord


Can you believe that it’s been four months since I last attended a meet with my comm? It feels like forever. :O But it’s been great to attend again, and even the weather has finally turned into something actually summery (about time, it’s past mid-July already!).

| JSK and shoes: Bodyline | OTKs: AP |
hat: Taobao | bracelet and earrings: handmade |
ring: Etsy | bolero and necklace: offbrand |

Although the meet was biscuit themed, I realised that my macaron JSK would be more on theme once it was a bit too late and I had this cherry and whipped cream thing all ready. Almost until the last minute I wasn’t sure whether to go with a blouse or not, as I was waiting for more accurate weather forecasts, but in the end I’m glad I opted for that bolero instead (which I only bought in a charity shops on Tuesday before the meet!). Although it’s knitted, it’s very lightweight and has kept me decently covered, but also cool enough that I could survive the sudden heat.

The meet started at the Manchester Art Gallery, where we viewed the still new Vogue100: A Century of Style exhibition. It was the only one where we couldn’t take photos, so if you have a chance to go or if it’ll end up somewhere near you I encourage you to go. It’s a very interesting and visually pleasing history of fashion through Vogue magazine – they even had some of the early issues where it was mainly illustrations and articles on things like hats or The Fun of Dressing Up. And even though it’s very fashion-centred, through those photographs you get a fantastic insight into other things, from photography all the way to the social history of the times, either through the people who were featured or through the changes that have taken place.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a biscuit meet without the appropriate food! Everyone brought a packet (or three) and we ended up with quite an impressive collection. I brought the Polish Delicje, which are essentially Jaffa Cakes but with a variety of flavours available, of which I brought cherry (because I’m so on theme) and blueberry. For anyone interested, look for them in your local Polish shops, they shoud have them (the bigger the shop the better your chances). As the meet was organised in aide of a Loli-guest from Canada we even had maple syrup flavoured ones (oh sweet baby biscuit, they smelled divine, I want a body spray or a scented candle smelling like that!).

Our collection of biscuits!

I must say, I’ve only ever been to Manchester a few times, but that was the first time I saw its cool side. Maybe it’s the weather that brought out all the nice bits about it (and it really was lovely) or maybe it’s thanks to people who knew it a bit better, but that day out made me want to explore Manchester a bit more. After recovering from the biscuit binge and taking our outfit shots we ventured out, exploring such cool places like Afflecks, a multi-storey emporium of indie and alternative shops, and having collected various Pokemon and some cool murals (mainly Prince and David Bowie), we ended up in Ziferblat. I’m in love with the idea of Ziferblat, although it is very hippie and hipster, but I want them to open a branch in Leeds – it simply works great for meets!

Hopefully it won’t be that long before my next meet – now that I’ve just come back from one I remembered why I like them so much and need to satisfy that need soon. Although with Wicked and Whimsy happening next month, I may have to wait until then. Oh well, still, this was a fabulous start to my summer holidays (yay for term-time only workers who cheated the system) and I plan on filling it up with all kinds of frilly things, a lot of which will most likely end up on this blog sooner or later, so stay tuned! :)


  1. I'm so annoyed I couldn't go, but it was time to make hay at home and that took priority over eating all the delicious biscuits, unfortunately! I might try and seek out the Delicje, I do enjoy Jaffa cakes...

    You look lovely, I think there was a nice balance of vintage inspiration and lolita in your outfit, and I do love red for summer outfits

    1. If you like Jaffa cakes, I think you'll like these. Depending on the size of your local Polish shops, they may even have the very fancy ones (e.g. white chocolate or entirely covered in chocolate), as well as the different flavours. But cherry and blueberry are our family favourites.

      Thank you! I'm quite pleased with how the vintage-y pieces work here, in my head I didn't imagine it being quite that cute and summery. It's sort of reviving my love for this dress. :)

    2. Very fancy Jaffa cakes! Now I definitely want to track them down, although maybe I'll wait until I'm in a big city for maximum fancy potential.

      I think it's quite a versatile dress - it could go old-school or new-style sweet, as well as vintage and retro - I'm glad your love has been revived!

    3. The problem always seems to be knowing where those foreign food shops are. Even nowadays they aren't always easy to track down online. If in doubt, some bigger Tesco supermarkets sometimes have them, depending on where they are (i.e. what kinds of people live nearby).

      Definitely, and given that I only have one other plain JSK except for this one, I'm appreciating it all the more. Especially since I had the halter neck straps turned into regular ones and can wear it with more blouses.


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