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I feel that since I started doing these posts I’ve had so many additions to my Lolidrobe that the first few posts are now insanely dated. Having said that, these really help me see what else is it that I’m missing, as that is slowly becoming more difficult to see when looking at the whole of my collection, especially compared to what was at the beginning of the year. It will be interesting to see what will I be able to create by the time I do posts like these for all my main pieces (provided that I ever stop shopping for long enough for these posts to catch up :P).

I fell in love with Baby the Stars Shine Bright’s Full of Stars “Bright Starry Night” JSK I when I saw it released on their website back in 2014, but at that time I really couldn’t afford it. I managed to hunt it down not that long after on Closet Child and ordered it as a birthday present for myself – only to then very brutally realise that the UK has a low VAT and customs threshold on the day of my birthday itself! If it wasn’t for my lovely boyfriend who agreed to pay these for me (as I spent most of my money on the dress) I probably would’ve had to return it. I’m blessed to have him spoil me so much, and since then I’ve worn it quite a few times, although not always in the most imaginative of ways. At least until this year rolled…

Look 1: Easy summer

Excuse the odd lighting on this one, I didn't
realise my light was too close to the camera.
| Secret Shop tea parties | Cutie Creator (Taobao)
hat and wrist cuffs | offbrand bolero and socks |

It’s not exactly a complicated outfit, but with the heatwaves sweeping the UK I felt I had to make something summer-appropriate. It’s simple, yet elegant, and allows the print to take the centre stage and shine – all that’s missing is a good book to read on a park bench or in a sunny garden of some cute café. Parasol is optional, hence it’s not pictured, though it’d definitely go nicely here.

Look 2: Navy and wine

| Soufflesong Ice Prism blouse and Mermaid
bonnet | Secret Shop tea parties | Innocent
World Pearl Ribbon OTKs | Loris bag | Chocomint
star clip |

This is actually a variation of what I wore to my comm’s Princess Meet in March. I’ve changed the blouse for an actual princess sleeve blouse, swapped the socks for navy ones and went with the wine tea parties instead of the navy heels to avoid a navy overload (although there’s already a lot of it here, maybe a wine bonnet would work better?). It’s a rich autumn look, fit for a royal meet or tea party, and hopefully I’ll get to wear it sometime again.

Look 3: Military-inspired

| BtSSB 134*405 shirring blouse | Putomayo
Celestian Light OTKs | Peacockalorum headbow
and wrist cuffs | Sheena's Bella Bows mini hat |
offbrand boots | Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream
ring |

Only after taking the first batch of photos did I realise that this print is quite whimsical and that with the colours I could potentially do something military style. I actually put the headbow and the hat on my head to see if these could look good together, so I know that they do. I don’t have a short sleeve white blouse with a standing collar, although the Peter Pan on this one adds quite a cutesy feel to the whole theme, which I must admit, I quite enjoy. It doesn’t all have to be serious.

Look 4: Orlesian royalty

| Bodyline L581 blouse | AatP Arabesque Lame
OTKs | An*tai*na heels | Peacockalorum
underskirt | Imperial Fiddlesticks headbow |
Chocomint star clip | offbrand choker and
Venetian mask |

And here is my pièce de résistance. I had this coord in my head for a little while now, having been all in awe of the country of Orlais in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and wanted to pay a tribute to the rich Orlesian fashion somehow – this JSK fit my needs perfectly! I’m still not sure whether the mask should be worn on the face or on the head, next to the head bow, but that’s a minor detail. This is the coord that, once put together, I seriously thought whether I should take this to Wicked and Whimsy in London for the tea party instead of what I have prepared for that occasion. In the end I decided not to, although as I did the dry run for my tea party outfit, I couldn’t resist trying this one on as well. And having done that, I know that I will find an occasion to wear it!

Bonus selfie

There were two more looks that I laid out when making this post, one using my dusty pink blouse and the other using sax, but I thought that these were more complete and worthy of sharing. I’m still dead proud of that last one – I already had a chance to do a dry run of it and I must find some excuse to wear it, preferably sooner rather than later.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this lot. Would you change anything? Or maybe you envisage this dress in a whole other look?


  1. It's really nice that you do these posts! Like I've said before, I really like them! ❤ ^_^

    It is very true, that it's a good thing for yourself as well, you get to know your wardrobe, what is missing and getting creative! The dress has a really royal look, your bf was so sweet to help you with getting it. Aaws~ ❤

    To me the blue-red-white combination is a bit weird, well maybe because they are colours I usually don't use and my eyes are not so used to them. I think it would work with a dark red wig/hair or like you said, maybe change the bonnet into a wine one. :)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. It was so sweet of him to do that. At that point we had only been together a few months as well, so this has really cemented many of my feelings towards him. ^^

      I know what you mean because I wasn't sure if this could work. The navy and wine combination itself can work, but I don't think it photographs well without proper lighting. And in retrospect, it probably does need a bit more red to balance it out, lik you said, a wine bonnet for example.

      And I'm glad you like those posts. Hopefully I'll get a bout of outfit inspiration for the next one soon, I like doing thos posts. ^^

  2. I think for me very outstanding dress, there is a lot variety in the looks. I have been a bit in love with print, but I think I can't afford the extreme princess theme & I would not feel comfortable in it. The venetian mask is a genius addition.

    1. You know, for such a royal looking dress, I find it really easy to dress down. Because the fabric is relatively shiny, sometimes you have to look for the gold print and then it looks like "only" a wine coloured dress. Because of that I never realised that the print had rabbits in there, which I'm not too fond of :P Still love the dress though

    2. I love solids and this one of reason the dress temps me. I used to have LESE's curtain is about to open jsk II, but it didn't work for me. I am more classic, IW is nearest I ever come to sweet. VM, Exentrique is more my style. Even I like btssb and aatp, then they do a good classic print. Not so keen on the rabbits either. I just prefered it being just stars.

  3. I really love all these outfits, the military style one is definitely my favourite though ^_^

    1. Really? Thank you. I still have some doubts about that one, actually, but I think that maybe I just need to see it worn - sometimes even the best laid out floordinate doesn't translate well onto what it will look like on the body ^^

  4. That last look is super gorgeous!

  5. The title for the last coord is definitely befitting of it! Without even reading the post I saw it and though "royal". Like a mixture of Empress Sissi and wealthy Venetian ladies!

    1. Thank you. I have quite some envy towards Sissi's dresses, they had amazingly massive skirts which I just love <3


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