Bettys, Darling Meet


Two consecutive weekends where I’ve attended a meet – I feel so spoiled! Yeah, my sleep has suffered a little as a result and I’m not as rested as I’d like to be (as an introvert I really rest when I’m alone, even if I do enjoy going out with friends), but it was all totally worth it.

| Resailan Jewelry Box JSK I and headbow |
Souffle Song Ice Prism blouse | AatP Arabesque
OTKs | offbrand shoes | indie/AP/Chocomint accessories |

I simply had to wear this dress even though the weather forecast wasn’t optimistic (cold and wet). York is a place with so much history that I felt the elegant print and cut of this JSK would really fit my surroundings – besides, I only just got it, barely uploaded the unboxing video in time for you to see, so now was as good a time as any. And in the end the weather wasn’t quite so bad, though it’s still good to know that this print doesn’t run. Yay for washing machine-friendly Taobao dresses!

We went to Bettys, an afternoon tea salon in the middle of York which was established in 1919. Suffice to say: it’s well posh! I mean, people queue, sometimes for hours, to get there because it’s that well known and that good (you can make a reservation, but they only take reservations for the most expensive afternoon tea option, so we didn’t). I actually haven’t been to Bettys before, this was my first time, and we couldn’t have queued for more than half an hour – a very good result for Saturday lunchtime!

Once inside everything was just as I imagined it would be. The interior design is very elegant, quite befitting our frills. Honestly, every time I go for afternoon tea, I make it a point to dress up, and then I’m always shocked to see that some people clearly don’t make any effort whatsoever to look at least a little bit more fancy than usual – and that makes me quite sad that we’ve come to an age where not making an effort with one’s clothes became acceptable even for very fancy places. I know that otherwise there’d be a whole load of “this is prejudice” and “who are you to judge what’s fancy for me and what isn’t” debates, potentially getting waiters and/or establishments into trouble, but it still makes me sad.

The staff at Bettys were incredibly lovely and very accommodating. Nearly every one of us requested that the standard afternoon tea be changed a little, to suit our dietary requirements and tastes, and they catered to every single one of them. I asked them to substitute the salmon sandwich for something else (and got cucumber and cream, I believe) as well as change the standard pot of tea for China Rose Petal tea. All of it, every single item on that stand, was absolutely delicious and I was so full at the end of it, but I’m proud to say that I didn’t waste anything!

After we gathered enough strength and digested enough of our food to get up we did a little shopping, starting of course with Bettys shop itself. I bought a pack of this divine rose petal tea, as well as some macarons for my parents, but they devoured them all before I had a chance to take a photo or even try one I haven’t had before! But during our shopping expedition we went to places like New Look (which was meant to have some very lovely loliable shoes, but they didn’t exist anywhere but online), Claire’s accessories, LUSH (upon my request, I needed to stock up on some bits) and finally the Waterstone’s café for additional drinks and rest.

The only photo of my purchases that I took

Look at that carousel pony on display!

At the end, once the short bit of rain had stopped, we went to the park where they had some owls there and you could take a photo with the owl. Two of our team of six decided to do that, one even braving her fear of the owl – I preferred to stand to the side, observe and do voiceovers of said owls. The biggest one, a great horned owl named Eva, struck me as a very sassy type, almost cat-like in her belief that human beings existed to serve and adore her, but also the type who, if she wore Lolita, she’d be a total brand whore and get every single new AP print on the day of the release. So much sass! After this we went further into the park towards some ruins to take some proper outfit shots – some more serious than the others – and then it was time to go home.

Good Loli

Bad Loli

I have had so much fun on that Saturday and even though I was glad to de-frill and jump in the bath at the end of that day, it was a day well spent. If my comm doesn’t put anything on earlier, my next meet looks to be good three weeks away, but I know that it’ll be a great one too. Though I better start stocking up on warm clothes!


  1. Last year I was in York, but didn't attend Betty's since it was way over our bugdet.
    The funniest part of the trip was all weird stares I got for my new allweather coat, boots and hat. Even comments about not being character in Downton Abbey.
    Sorry, but trenchcoat has got comeback on continent... I guess people of York aren't in general the most fashionable people.

    1. Oddly enough, I think you're quite right with that of observation: York isn't really a place one would associate with fashionable people. They just sort of blend in with what's in fashion at the moment and with the crowds of tourists. :P And yeah, Betty's isn't the cheapest place going, but I've been good and not spending a lot of money recently, so indulging in a luxurious lifestyle felt appropriate. ^^


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