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I’ve been postponing doing this one because I waited for some of my orders to arrive as a lot of the items I purchased very much with this skirt in mind – and then ended up using only one of them. Because my logic is flawless. But hey-ho, we got to my first and so far only real Lolita skirt (I own one from Bodyline, but I use it as an underskirt, so I count it as a half), Magic Tea Party’s Bears Paradise. I love high-waisted skirts, I think they look very flattering and elegant, which tends to limit my wardrobe a little as this preference means I’m avoiding perfectly adorable skirts purely on the basis of them not being high-waisted. Maybe one day I’ll get over that…

Look 1: Simple Country(ish)

| Angelic Pretty Creamy Shirring blouse | Metamorphose Heart Ladder OTKs | Cutie
Creator headbow | Etsy necklace | offbrand shoes |
Overcomplicating things very rarely brings positive outcomes. This is a simple outfit that’d be great for summer. The bow and the skirt are actually almost identical in colour, which is incredible, because finding a match for that skirt is very difficult and as far as I know MTP never released any matching headwear. I would’ve just as happily worn this with ankle socks for extra country cuteness, but then I need to stay realistic – summers that hot don’t last more than a couple of days in the UK.

Look 2: Dark Classic

| Miss Point Earl Grey blouse | Putomayo Celestial Light OTKs | Cutie Creator headbow |
Sosic Shop heels | Enchantlic Enchantilly x Tea Party Club collaboration ring | indie earrings |
Having already discovered that this skirt goes quite well with dark jewel tones, I wanted to see how mixing these with some brown would look and ended up with a pretty Classic coord, in spite of such a Sweet print. Again, I kept it quite simple because throwing on too many accessories wouldn’t work well here. The more I look at this outfit, the more I think it’d be great for a small afternoon tea meetup: it’s pretty unassuming, even with the skirt print, but still dressy enough to not look too out of place for Lolita fashion.

Look 3: Casual Tricolor

| Axes Femme blouse | Mufish tights | handmade/offbrand beret | DreamV bag |
offbrand shoes and necklace |
I absolutely had to use one of my berets with this skirt! And since I already had an ivory/gold look, why not try incorporating the other one? This is something I’d totally love to wear out somewhere, maybe when going shopping, just when you need to feel cute, but have to keep it a bit more practical. For cooler weather I have a navy sailor cardigan I could just throw on, but if it were warm enough I think I’d probably stick to some pearl bracelets, which I forgot to add here, but which would balance out the whites a little bit better.

Look 4: Ivory and Gold Princess

| Infanta overblouse | AatP Sheherazade headdress | Antaina heels | Angelic Pretty
Crown Logo OTKs | offbrand choker |
This one started with me remembering that I have one rectangle headdress which I’ve never worn (it’s a very dressy one and I’m not experienced with that type of headwear anyway, but I’m not quite ready to sell it) and went from there. Because of how dressy that headpiece is everything else had to be up there too and this is how this look came to be. I must admit, it came out a lot better than I ever anticipated it being and I’m sort of wishing for an excuse to wear this somewhere. The top is actually an overblouse, so it needs some sort of flesh-coloured camisole underneath for modesty, yet at the same time it makes this a coord fairly well suited to warm weather, which is when my opportunity to wear this out might come (although who knows).

I must admit, I had so much fun playing with this skirt and the outfits here. What started out as a “hmm, now that I have it I need more brown things” ended up showing me how versatile a piece this actually is, in turn making me appreciate the skirt a lot more. Having totally expected at least two predominantly brown-centred coords, I’m very pleased to discover so many other options. Well, it all sort of started when I remembered about brown and mint being a good combo and it’s great to see that continue. Now I’m even more pleased that I took the risk and bought the skirt all these months ago and I’m very excited to wear it more!


  1. I think my berry river skirt is very similar cut, but sadly Yolanda did discontuined the skirt in order to make second batch of jsks. High waisted skirts like these are more classic or gothic than sweet. I don't care about it is high waisted or not, so long the waist band is pretty eneough, any skirt would end up in my waist anyway.
    My favorite is ivory coord, ivory and beige is beautiful combo.

    1. High waist skirts are definitely more suited to Classic and Gothic looks, but I think it can work with Sweet quite well, like it does on this one. I think that's what attracted me to the skirt in the first place, that mix of a Classic cut with a Sweet print. I find that a lot of other Lolita skirts that have a chance of fitting me are all fully shirred, which hardly ever looks nice. All the other ones with nicer waistbands have a very slim chance of fitting me, so I'm sort of stuck there.
      I think that one is my favourite too, mostly because of how much of a surprise it was to me. But to pull it off I think you either have to have that Mediterranean complexion to contrast it nicely OR have an insanely good skin day/makeup skills that are on point to create that soft peaches and cream complexion. Colours this soft require perfection because you'll either blend and disappear in your outfit or every tiny bit of redness will become more accentuated.


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