Metamorphose Skirt Lucky Pack Unboxing

I clearly lack self-control this year (or just gained confidence that the income I'm spending won't suddenly disappear) because I got myself a lucky pack from Metamorphose temps de fille. Honestly, brands, I get that when we buy lucky packs online then the contents are already hidden inside a box, but don't be skimpy and give us some bags, please, at least the plastic ones! One day I'll buy a lucky pack directly from the shop, not online, and I'll have all the fun taking things out of the bag for a change.


  1. Loving the key barette you got! I'll admit, I wouldn't have been too pleased with that pack myself but I do think you could make that skirt work.

    1. That key barette is everything! Shame it's not a 2-way clip, that'd work a treat. And I got some good ideas on how to try to coord the skirt, which I'll try at some point, we'll see how this goes.


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