Wunderwelt Haul Review


Normally I would’ve done this in a video, but since light is terrible these days and my weekends between now and the end of year are all pretty busy, I’ll do this review in a standard text and photos kind of format.

Order Process

This was my first time doing a joint order for Wunderwelt and Wunderwelt Fleur. Just like they promise, everything was easy: you simply add items from either website to your basket and check out as you normally would. I paid for my items first and then once Wunderwelt had finished preparing the order, which was the following day, they sent me a separate email to pay for shipping – which, if you haven’t ordered from them in a while, is also done by adding shipping ‘items’ to the cart and checking out. This doesn’t add any points to your account, but is, in my opinion, quicker than sending an invoice, so it makes things easier and faster for them to process. All of their communication was prompt and clear and you can choose which language you’d like to receive your order communication in (the choice being Japanese, English or Chinese), so you can pick the one you’re most comfortable in.


I opted for e-Packet, which is another kind of Airmail shipping. The price was reasonable and it meant avoiding dealing with the UK EMS carrier whom I detest with a passion. My order was posted on October 31st, a day after I paid for the postage – which is pretty standard, especially with the time difference between the UK and Japan. It reached the UK soil in about a week, got briefly detained as they were awaiting payment of tax, and then arrived to me on November 11, so just under 2 weeks for the whole process. If you’re not in a hurry, e-Packet is a seriously great option to save a little on shipping.

The Order

As you can tell, it was packed safely in a box and inside was secured with both bubble wrap and a plastic bag. I didn’t notice any damage to the box whatsoever, so it’s done its job.

Let’s start with the smaller items – which I got mainly to push my order to over ¥5000 so that I could use my ¥500 off coupon!

Wunderwelt Fleur has a nice range of cute stationary nowadays from a brand called Amenomori Fumika. I’ll admit, I hadn’t heard of them at all before browsing Wunderwelt Fleur and probably wouldn’t have found it without sorting my search to all items in ascending order of price, but their range includes masking tape, letter sets, mini-cards, tags and memo pads, all with the most adorable, cutesy kittens. And it’s all very cheap, with the most expensive item being ¥432 including tax, making these perfect as little gifts or bulking up your order if you’re only a little bit away from a threshold you want to reach. I opted for the masking tape in the Dream pattern, as I had thought this would be something I’m most likely to use and I liked that design most. There’s not much to say about the tape itself other than it being cute and as I haven’t used it yet, I can only leave you with this photo.

Next I got an Enchantlic Enchantilly ring from their Queen Cat series. I debated for a while whether I should get it or not, as the masking tape got me to the price point I needed. In the end, after doing a couple of searches elsewhere, I gave in because book rings aren’t that easy to find and this design will compliment plenty of outfits, be it in theme or in colour. The ring was packed in a separate plastic bag and came with a little tag with care instructions in English and Japanese. The image is on a piece of acrylic and it’s decent depth to feel sturdy, but not too chunky or heavy. The image is very crisp, although due to size all you can read on the open book is what looks like the Enchantlic Enchantilly logo. The little piece of bling adds a fancy touch and is clear in colour, so will reflect light in whatever colour is nearest to it (so the bordeaux bed spread and walls in my case). The ring band itself is on the thin side, although take note that the ring is not adjustable. It fits my ring and forefinger, which is ok because that’s where I tend to wear rings anyway (for reference, my ring finger is a size K, in high street shops I tend to go for an M), but won’t work for anyone with a larger ring size.

And finally the thing that had started this order: Metamorphose temps de fille’s Sailor Tiered skirt in cream and black. I’m not sure which year’s release this is as no Lolibrary entry includes this colourway, which is cream with brown. If anyone knows, tell me, please! I kept my eye on it since it appeared on Wunderwelt, but despite almost buying it straight away, I decided to wait until it went on sale. Then I received my ¥500 off coupon, but it had a minimum spending requirement of ¥5000 and an expiry date – and the rest you already know.

The skirt is made of very lovely quality thick, slightly textured cotton and is fully lined with polyester. The three tiers give it generous volume at the bottom, but is still a defined cupcake shape. The full shirring makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to pull on and off. Whilst Lolibrary marks these skirts as max. waist of 90cm there’s definitely room for more, I’d estimate closer to 100cm if not larger. The line tape along the hem reminds me almost of a shoelace in texture, but only when you’re very up close. Otherwise it’s neat and crisp looking, adding that sailor touch, but which could also work for plenty of other styles. Wunderwelt has marked this as in condition C, mainly that it felt like it’s been used, but I didn’t notice anything like that. Whoever owned this before either didn’t use it a lot or took very good care of it. For such a simple piece, every part of it is top quality and I received it in a very good, like new condition, which for a price of ¥4990 (approx. £33 at the time of purchase) is an incredible deal.

Excuse the terrible lighting, believe me when I say that this skirt is definite

Again, the lightin is shit, I'm sorry. this is definitely brown,
although it's better visible in natural light.

The tag says Made in Japan and also to only dry clean. But
it's non-printed cotton, so I'll be a rebel and take my chances
with a colour catcher sheet for the lame.

I tried the skirt on with and without petticoat and while it’s obviously designed to be worn with, it looks pretty good without one too. My only issue would be that the waistband is very wide, which isn’t always the most flattering look on a fully shirred skirt, but that can be easily remedied with a belt, cardigan or even a blouse. Or just getting over it and accepting that this is what full shirring looks like. Since then I’ve worn it to work without a petticoat a few times and received only compliments on my semi-professional sailor looks.

Without petticoat.

With petticoat.

I am extremely happy with Wunderwelt’s service and the quality and range of products that they stock. Their website is very easy to navigate and all email communication is clear and prompt, making for a fab customer experience. On a smaller order like this I’m happy to order direct and suck it up if tax charges are raised, but for a more expensive thing I would go via Tenso or another shopping service. Overall it’s a 5/5 throughout, as you could’ve predicted, and I certainly will be buying from them again. After all, we wouldn’t want these discount codes to go to waste now, would we?


  1. I love Meta's full shirred skirts! But I have to say I adore that ring so much, super great buy.

    1. They're the epitome of comfort, I want more! And I know that I would've regretted not getting that ring. Mind you, I remember reading somewhere in the past that Chantilly rings don't hold up very well to wear, but I don't wear rings a lot to begin with, so hopefully this one will last me long.

  2. Wunderwelt is a site that I always seem to forget to check! Do they update regularly on a schedule or is it random?

    1. They update pretty much every day, though you kind of do have to check yourself. Or at least I haven't heard of them having a mailing updates system like CC do - their mailing list is more of a 'look at what we've on sale now and what we recommend from Fleur'. And they always have something on sale, either brands or types of items, usually at 20% off, so worth revisiting often.

  3. Ohh, I never though or ordering stationary from WW, guess I'll have to check them out! Also, lovely items you got there. I've bought from them through Lace Market in the past, and the experience was pretty good too.

    1. Yeah, it's not the first place you think of when you're after stationery, but the little range they have is pretty cute and really cheap, so if you're making an order anyway, might as well have a look. I love how WW have a Lacemarket account for items in a condition too poor to put on their regular shop, but that they still want to sell on for cheap. I haven't found one for myself yet, but every time I look I'm surprised at how cheap these things are given that to me the condition doesn't seem that terrible.


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