What Keeps Your Interest in the Fashion?


This is an interesting Lolita Blog Carnival prompt to consider. It should be obvious why we continue being a part of this fashion and what keeps our interest in it going – and yet when you really stop to think about it, it’s not so obvious anymore. Everyone’s motivations will be slightly different and here are mine.

There are three main factors that keep my interest in lolita fashion, which in order of importance are: personal, social and visual.

On a personal level these clothes still make me feel fabulous and confident, which in itself is enough to make me want to continue on this journey. To be able to express myself, my personality and interests through these clothes, as well as explore the new places this fashion can take me to is exciting. There’s immense joy in putting together outfits, in trying to find as many different ways to wear the same main piece or discovering new pairings, in attempting to match coords to themes. I don’t foresee this getting any less fascinating to me, although once the joy of creating coordinates and wearing the fashion wears out, that probably will be the moment that I’d have to quit lolita for good. Because if it’s not fun and if it’s not making you happy, then there’s no point forcing yourself to continue with something you’ve already moved on from.

The number of sselfies (better and worse) is proof enough
that I'm feeling my oats when in lolita, I love this fashion!

Then there’s the social side of it. The community, both real and online, is a big part of my social life. I look forward to attending meets and seeing the friends I’ve made this way. It’s also comforting to know that if/when I ever decide to move somewhere else, there’s a lolita fashion community pretty much everywhere. Even though it’s obviously scary to start anew somewhere and have to make new friends, while leaving old ones behind, it’s easier to do that when you already have one big thing in common, isn’t it? There will always be time to catch up with old friends at the larger events or when travelling somewhere else for celebrations like ILD.

Yeah, it's fun to just wear it. But goofing off with other people who like these
clothes as much is even better!

Finally, lolita fashion is simply extremely fun to look at. Discovering new details about pieces and coordinates allow you to find something new in things you thought you already knew. Also, as a fashion that’s very much alive and going, if not thriving, it’s exciting to watch how the fashion will change, what will the next release or trend be, what will people (designers and the wearers) come up with next. Even when you think that you know what will be next, there’s always that element of unpredictability which keeps things interesting. I mean, back in 2000 no-one anticipated border prints even being a thing – who am I to say that this thing that’s only just starting now won’t be the norm in another 10-15 years down the line?

We're all into this fashion because it's incredibly fun to look
at. It's how different it is that attracts us in the first place.

And that’s it: very quick overview of the things that keep me interested in lolita fashion. Make sure to check out what the other participating bloggers have written and share your stories and viewpoints!

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