Why Do You Think Photoshoots Have Been So Big in Lolita


Some things become very popular amongst lolitas to do. Afternoon tea is one of them, but taking pictures is just as big, if not bigger. Interestingly though, this involves both taking pictures ourselves, like selfies and outfit shots, but also photoshoots. And in this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt we are looking as to why photoshoots became such a big part of this fashion.

I think the first and most obvious reason is that photoshoots are a part of fashion in general. Fashion magazines love a good artsy photoshoot to advertise next season’s clothing. Lolita is no different. From GLB and Girlism to Angelic Pretty mooks, the magazines we have still include some gorgeous staged and posed shots to showcase upcoming releases in the most artistically pleasing way. Indie brands aren’t far behind too and I particularly enjoy looking at photoshoots by I Do Declare and Lady Sloth. That’s how advertising works and we like looking at pretty images that tell us a story about the clothes just as much as we love looking at the detail shots that give us all the info we need on a piece.

However, this goes further than just advertising. We, regular wearers of lolita fashion, like to do photoshoots just as much, even though we’re not selling the clothes. Fashion is a creative outlet, so just like creators often tell a story through the garments, their wearers also communicate through what they wear. Just like some people express themselves through music or poetry, lolitas do so through their clothes and capturing a particular mood or inspiration on a photograph is a form of creativity.

On the whole, due to it being a fashion, lolita is highly visual. The best way to convey that something is lolita in the fashion sense is through visuals, since you need to see the silhouette and the detail (you could also experience it through touch, but that’s much less common). And I think this goes equally for the model in front of the camera as it does for the photographer. Regardless of who does the vision for a particular photoshoot belong to, it is ultimately a form of visual art that works well with an eye-catching fashion such as lolita.

This post ended up being very short and sweet. Just to prove that I can do those too, haha! What do you think about this prompt? Do you think there are any other reasons why photoshoots are so big in our fashion? Particularly interested to hear from those who may have done a lolita photoshoot or who may have been into the fashion long enough to witness this trend develop. As always, make sure to read what the other bloggers have to say on this topic and thank you for reading.


  1. This was such an interesting prompt to read! I love photoshoots, and I think another reason why could be that it's interesting to see how people have changed over the years... Well, that's what I do in my gyaru style!

    Lizzie // Hello Lizzie Bee

    1. It's definitely interesting to see how your style evolved over time!


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