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My fellow comm admin, @tonblackberry, has once said that if you want to make flatlays look good, you have to be willing to do a lot of faffing and fiddling. We all know that things look different on flatlays vs worn. And never was that more true than now! Don’t get me wrong, Side Frill JSK is utterly stunning, however, that cut looks vastly different worn than flat and making halterneck straps look good in flatlays is hard enough as is. I’ve already had outfits with this dress that worked great flat and totally not on me. So this post would’ve been so much easier if I had a dress form, but since I didn’t want to skip featuring this dress, I committed to as much fiddling and faffing as I had the energy to. This is the best that I could manage and please, forgive me where it looks off.

Look 1: Admiral

| Infanta Swan Lake blouse | Metamorphose Swallow-Tail Jacquard jacket | Innocent World Pearl Ribbon OTKs | Hush Puppies boots | handmade tricorn | detachable brooch from the dress | Puvithel Crystal Heart brooch | Wicked and Whimsy ring |

Navy and wine with two rose-patterned jacquard pieces, one of which covers a big chunk of the other. I thought that this would be an easier flatlay to make, but nope, it still involved a lot of messing around with it to make it look alright. Having said this, I am happy with the result, both with the picture and the outfit itself, this is something that I’d love to try out at some point.

Look 2: Ero

| Haenuli x I Do Declare blouse | offbrand bra | Enchantlic Enchantilly The Crown of the Rose Princess tights | Vivienne Westwood x Melissa Anglomania heels | handmade headdress (not by me) | Haenuli x I Do Declare neck tie used as veil | Puvithel Crystal Heart necklace | Star Glazed Delights Brand Whore ring |

Ooof, here’s the pinnacle of my faffery. I’m sure that at some point I swore on this blog never to use the I Do Declare blouses in flatlays ever again, but clearly battling so much with the dress anyway meant a comeback of the “what the hell” attitude. Would this actually look good worn? I can only hope so. But I also hope that at the very least you can see what I was trying to achieve here.

Look 3: Sailor

| Fi.n.t. cutsew | Innocent World Anchor OTKs | offbrand shoes and beret | detachable bow from the blouse on beret | Peacockalorum wrist cuffs | Dear Celine brooch |

Rather than make my life easier by reusing the tried and tested cardigan and socks combo, I had to try new things by going for a more summery version with the cutsew. Whilst I have no doubts that this could work worn, I really did not get the proportions right and this flatlay is for my long torso-ed frillies out there. It’s super casual, so there isn’t much more to say about it.

Look 4: Circus

| vintage jacket | Innocent World neck bow | Angelic Pretty Crown Logo OTK | BtSSB Border OTK | Hush Puppies boot | Angelic Pretty Elegant Doll boot | Peacockalorum headbow | offbrand minihat | Milkribbon Misako brooch | Dream Masquerade Carnival pin | Twinkle Kitty Boutique rings |

This was the last photo taken, after I decided that I really couldn’t be bothered to faff anymore. My idea started off with just the jacket (brilliant because of how much easier it was to get the proportions right) and somewhere along the way it just blew into this. Mismatched socks and mismatched boots? I never thought I’d attempt such a thing, but now that it happened, I kind of love it!

And there you have it. I am glad that this installment is done now, so that I can put this dress back on the “never to use in flatlays again” hanger because this was a lot more work than I wanted. It’s a shame, since it is a gorgeous piece that deserves being showcased, but until I get a dress form, this will simply have to wait.


  1. That first look absolutely KILLS ME!!!

    1. It's SOOOO getting worn! It'd be great if it was safe to have meetups again because looks like that deserve to be worn at meetups, but Lord only knows when will it be possible to do.

  2. I totally get how hard it is to get a good flatlay. I did one the other day and it took me about an hour of faffing and fiddling, but it was such a rewarding way to get my lolita fix at 2am when I couldnt sleep and also couldnt be bothered to get dressed for no particular reason. These coords are beautiful though, I'd especially love to see the second coord worn.

    1. The thing is, trying to do a good flatlay is already a fiddly task of endless faffery. But when you try to do that with a somewhat-underbust halterneck JSK that requires tying to fasten - that's just too much. Because that's when it stops being *just* fiddly and enters the realm of "do you know what human proportions actually are AND can you make that look good on a flatlay". Just... no xD
      I so want to wear the second coord at some point, I do feel that if it was ever to look good, it would be worn. Then again, I've had my share of disappointments with this dress where genuinely amazing flatlays sat wrong almost everywhere on the body.


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