3 trends I could never get into (2)


There are plenty of trends within Lolita. Though I think I’m still new enough that I had to have a quick read through other blog posts for this topic just to get an idea of what people mean by “trend”, as at first I thought of styles (maybe I’ll do a post like this too). It took a little while to come up with three that I genuinely felt I couldn’t get into. There’s plenty of stuff that’s not to my taste right now, such as stuffed animal bags or gingham dresses, but I can’t say that I’d never change my mind (my main issue with stuffed animal bags is that they don’t have much space, and I’m still giving gingham dresses a chance). But the three here are definite “nopes” for me, doubt I’d ever come round on those.

Religious imagery

And I don’t mean series names (I’m perfectly fine with Baby’s St. Michael’s Blessing, in fact I like it a lot), I mean actual imagery on the prints. Crosses are bearable, probably because Western Gothic culture has already demystified and deprived them of their strong religious connotations, but I’m talking images of Jesus or Virgin Mary. The first time I saw a dress with a Virgin Mary border print (which I'm sure was in a Baby store, but can't find that print now), I was very shocked, even though I’m not a particularly religious person. I realise that Japan isn’t an overly religious country, certainly not as far as Christianity goes, but for someone raised as an atheist in a Catholic country and taught to have respect for people’s faith, that was a bit too much to handle, and I certainly wouldn’t wear it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable in something like that, I’d feel almost blasphemous, and it definitely doesn’t go with my style.

Window prints

At least I believe that that's what this style of prints is called. ^^" But nope, just, no. To say that I don’t like it isn’t quite enough, I think it looks horrible and I can’t help feeling as if that’s a display of laziness on the part of whoever designed the print. It just seems easier to stick a couple of framed paintings or pictures around the dress than to create a continuous, flowing design, and because a lot of the times those frames contain an actual painting (as in one done by someone in the past), that seems even lazier. Why would anyone want that is beyond me, but degustibus non disputandum est.

Lolita/AP bangles

I’ve only ever seen AP do bangles in that style, but I stuck “Lolita” in there just in case somewhere else does that too. I’ve nothing against plastic jewellery, I’m totally fine with it and quite like it, especially for Lolita, just that particular style of bangles: thick, with a gap to make it more adjustable and just something stuck onto it… Nuh-uh, they look very childish, but worse than that, they look cheap. And have you seen how much those things cost? Not paying that much for something that looks like it came out of them bubble gum machines but with jewellery (and in all honesty, I’ve had some nice jewellery from those things, quite elegant and grown up).

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