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With Christmas, the season of giving, fast approaching, I thought this would be a great topic for a blog post. I’m not the best at crafts, in fact most of my creative juices have gone into writing, dancing and baking, with very little left for other stuff. However, I think that even I could do those projects, as they require absolutely no special skills other than knowing how not to glue your fingers together. I also tried to stick to Lolita fashion, so no home décor stuff which is also great if you are into the Lolita lifestyle. So, without further ado, here are my DIY gift ideas for Lolitas.

1. Hair accessories
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Be it a headband, a clip, bobby pins or anything else, these are probably the easiest things to make that can be amazingly Lolita. Basic materials such as the alligator clips or plain headbands are in pretty much every craft shop, and the rest is up to your imagination and the strength of your glue: ribbons, bows and flowers for Classic, and small toys, sweets and animal ears for Sweet. And all of that can be cheaply picked up anywhere, depending on what you have in mind. Just make sure that the glue really has dried and set properly, so as to not damage anyone’s hair or wig!

 2. Brooches   
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With the above “basics + accents + glue” formula you can probably make all kinds of jewellery, but brooches are the easiest. Again, you just need a brooch pin and maybe some felt or cardboard to act as a “plate” for your decorations – everything else is what you want and are able to glue to it in an attractive way. You could even attach both a brooch pin and a hairclip to make it a 2-in-1 accessory.

3. Bracelets
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A little more fiddly, given that you’ll be threading things instead of gluing them, but in my books having to attach somehow only the fastening parts still counts as a very simple DIY project. Especially since craft stores will often stock something that may already come with some form of fastener, or you could buy a cheap knock-off Pandora bracelet. After that all you need is cute beads and/or charms, and then get threadin’! It may even work for strings of beads for your neck as well.

4. Locket lip balm

Now this is a bonus one, I Googled some general DIY gift ideas and this struck me as great for Lolitas. Instead of keeping your lip balm in a boring and often very non-Lolita original packaging, why not buy a cute locket pendant and store it there? Great way of making your accessory practical and your beauty products – cuter (whilst also saving on precious bag space). You can find the tutorial here.

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