My Lolidrobe 2016

This is my first Lolita Wardrobe post from EGL (well, first ever, really), and I'm very excited to be doing it. Although I've been sort of into Lolita for maybe five years now, I only got into it properly over the last two and did most of that "getting" in 2015. As a result my wardrobe isn't particularly big (yet), but I have discovered what sort of things and styles I enjoy, with the majority of it leaning towards sweet - but with plenty of room for OTT of all sorts, jewel tones, circus/military themes and pure love for Angelic Pretty. I can feel already that things will probably look quite different (more polished?) by this time next year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen in the meantime. Excuse the not-the-best quality of photos. I did what I could with the little space, bad lighting and an iPad as my best camera that I had. While I own quite a lot more offbrand pieces (mainly shoes and accessories of all kinds), I'm only showing you those that are firmly a part of my Lolidrobe - and where I know them, I'm including official names (usually taken from Lolibrary). I hope you enjoy it! ^^"  


Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival Tiered JSK (my dream dress! <3)

Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater Gilet JSK (second dream dress <3)

Angelic Pretty Merry Making Party OP

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Bright Starry Night JSK I

Bodyline L262 JSK (the first ever Lolita dress I bought, back in 2011)

Bodyline L249 JSK

Bodyline L515 JSK (that was actually an order gone wrong - I wanted the sax one, but somehow got this one instead)

Offbrand Maneki-neko OP


Baby the Stars Shine Bright 134*405 Shirring blouse

 Infanta Swan Lake chiffon blouse

Axes Femme cameo brooch blouse (colour more like the detail photo in the corner)

Axes Femme pearl necklace blouse

Axes Femme fan brooch blouse

Offbrand lace trimmed blouse


 Bodyline L460 coat with cape

Offbrand cherry print coat

Vintage military jacket

Offbrand (Arrow) bolero


Left to right: | Bodyline S274 heels | Bodyline S522 tea parties |

Offbrand gold glitter platform heels

 Offbrand (Graceland) black Victorian-esque heels


Top to bottom: | Innocent World lace gloves | Vintage short gloves |

Left to right: | Angelic Pretty Twinkle Carnival OTKs | Angelic Pretty Drained Cherry OTKs | Baby the Stars Shine Bright Border OTKs |

 Left to right: | Offbrand book-cover clutch bag | Innocent World Merry-Go-Round bag |

Hair accessories
Top to bottom: | Offbrand (Ruby Rose) rose and diamonds stuffed cat ears headband | Offbrand (Primark) flower headband | Offbrand (Primark) flower headband | Offbrand (Ruby Rose) bow hair clip | Offbrand (Claire's) cupcake hair clip |

Souffle Song Mermaid's Song bonnet

Top to bottom: | Offbrand mini hat | Indie (Sheena's Bella Bows) apple pie headpiece | Indie (Sheena's Bella Bows) mini toy soldier's hat |

Top to bottom: | Vintage cherry and pearl necklace | Indie (etsy, can't remember the shop's name now) pony necklace | Offbrand (Primark) teaport charm necklace | Offbrand cupcake pendant | Offbrand pearl collar necklace | Offbrand (Primark) pearl necklace | Offbrand (Avon) rose choker (I actually had since forever) | Offbrand lace and pearl choker |

Left to right: | Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival pegasus ring | Indie (Becky's Charms) gingerbread person ring (sax) | Indie (Becky's Charms) gingerbread person ring (red) (it had a bow too, but I lost that somewhere on Christmas Eve, when I first wore it) | Indie (etsy, can't remember the shops name now) cupcake ring |

All earrings are offbrand, mostly Claire's and Primark. The big cupcakes are Kinji (Amemura, Osaka), the pearl clips above them were inherited, and the red roses are Avon (part of a set with the choker). Unicorn shaped earring stand - offbrand (Poundland)

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