3 beverages and Lolita outfits to match (25)

I feel like what comes to mind to a lot of people with at least a vague idea of Lolita, is a traditional English afternoon tea, with tea in dainty porcelain cups and cute, bitesize sweets. But let’s face it, tea isn’t everyone’s cup of tea (see what I did there?), and even those who like it drink other things as well. The good thing about beverages is that as long as it looks cute, anything can be loliable – which means either hiding less pretty things in lovely cups or glasses (who says you can’t drink fizzy drinks out of teacups?), or decorating the hell out of something (hot chocolate, milkshakes and cocktails lending themselves best to that task).

Since there are three drinks to coordinate outfits around, I decided to go for one alcoholic, one hot and one cold. All three are things I enjoy, but don’t really drink that much of or don’t drink them too often for various reasons. So in turn I hope that you see those inspirations in the coords I created here.

1. Baileys and milk
| Angelic Pretty Melty Royal Chocolate JSK (beige) | Pumpkin Cat Anniversary Ceremony Encore blouse (white) | Innocent World Emblem Ribbon beret (beige) | Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate OTKs (white) | offbrand Mary Jane heels (beige) | offbrand milk carton bag | Etsy milk necklace |
Gurl, I may be Polish, but I’m not much of a drinker. And when I do drink, I love sweet stuff – I don’t like things where I can taste the alcohol, which excludes pretty much 90% of what’s out there and means that usually I’m the sober ones in pubs etc. However, Baileys and milk is one of those alcoholic things that I adore. It just tastes like a chocolate milkshake. It’s one of those things you sip, not down, so it lasts long and makes you look that little bit more elegant and sophisticated whilst you sip it.

A drink like that can only be honoured with a chocolate coord. I went for a combination of beige and milk, to better reflect the colours of the drink itself, however, as I wanted this to be the Sweet coord of the lot, I allowed myself a little craziness with accessories. Which, again, is just like a glass of Baileys and milk: pretty sophisticated and calm, but still alcoholic and not quite tamed. 

2. Jasmine tea
| Alice and the Pirates Tea Time Nostalgia JSK I (green) | Yolanda Little Drunk Morning blouse (white) | Bodyline Ribbon Frill tea parties (green) | Chocomint Tea Pot & Cup hair clip (white) | offbrand jasmine jewellery | plain white OTKs or tights (white) (not pictured) |
Don’t get me wrong, I love tea, be it black, green, white, red, flavoured or anything. But as I already mentioned, tea and Lolita is a bit of an obvious, so I pushed it a little by trying to emulate jasmine tea here. Hence the green colourway, hence plenty of white instead of the typical Classic Lolita creams, hence the simple jasmine flower jewellery. I wanted this coord to be a Classic one, since jasmine flowers are very dainty and delicate – it’s a theme much better suited for Classic than any other style.

At the same time, it’s not just the colours, but the JSK itself that I wanted to use in the coord. Because whatever tea we’re drinking, it’s still Lolita we’re talking about, so of course there’ll be pretty pots and teacups whilst we sip it. It’s also why I couldn’t quite resist putting that Chocomint hair clip in there as well. But not too much – just like jasmine tea, it’s better to leave things here understated and on the subtle side.

3. Coca-Cola
| Infanta Golden Circus JSK (red) | Magic Potion standing collar cotton long sleeve blouse (black) | Infanta Golden Circus headbow (black) | Etsy Coca-Cola bow hair clip | Alice and the Pirates Diamond Lame OTKs (black) | offbrand short bootss (red) | Etsy Coca-Cola can earrings | Alice and the Pirates Tent bag (white x gold) |
 When I think of Coke, I think of parties. That’s usually when I get to drink it, but also the fizz never stops moving and has a potential of exploding a little like a volcano, which is all pretty lively and party-like. And sure, it’s quite bad for you, especially when you drink it too often or too much of it (now that I stopped drinking fizzy stuff of all kinds, any amount of Coke over the limit of 2 gulps is too much for me), but it’s ok to go a little crazy once in a while and have some when the occasion calls for it.

That’s why I picked the Golden Circus print here. It’s not just the colours which (hopefully) embody Coca-Cola, but everything. Circus is another one of those things that’s lively, energetic and generally associated with good times, so I think it’s perfect for a coord like that. The whole idea is to just go a bit crazy with Lolita and the circus theme, have some fun and enjoy life as it comes. Plus, I'm absolutely gagging over this AatP bag, I want it so desperately, and once nearly got it in blue, but the white would be more versatile, and they're always very expensive, even used. Sad times.

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