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If there are dresses worth gushing over, this one is certainly one of them. But like many similarly elaborate designs, L’Esprit de la Noblesse’s La Bibliotheque needs for me to actually stop and think to come up with some interesting coordinates. And that’s fine: some designs are naturally versatile and some challenge us. I welcome the challenge.

Look 1: Librarian

| offbrand cutsew | Innocent World Rose Lace Millefeuille bolero | Angelic Pretty Crown Ribbon OTKs | Hush Puppies boots | Cutie Creator headbow | Fantastic Grim Jewelry necklace | Axes Femme brooch | Enchantlic Enchantilly Queen Cat Secret Library ring |

This is probably the closest I’ll come to styling this dress in a casual way. If I tried harder, there may be a way to go even more casual, but it’s an elaborate design, it doesn’t really deserve such treatment. The browns are a nice muted base that compliments the rich jewel tones. I wouldn’t quite call this look Victorian, but it’s certainly demure and mature - all that’s left to add is an up-do and a pair of reading glasses and I can start shushing people around me.

Look 2: Seafoam

| Chess Story The Secret Key of the Elves blouse | Metamorphose Dressy OTKs | Deary heels | Cutie Creator headbow | Twylite Fashion hair clip | offbrand necklace | Gravelvet Iridescent Princess necklace | Le Petit Four Emerald Palace ring |

More on the experimental side, I wanted to see how this shade of green would look with navy. The two colours together remind me a lot of deep sea, so while I lack strictly marine-themed accessories to make that into a proper sea-themed outfit, I like the colour combination too much to not include it here. The fact that the blouse sleeves have glittery dots adds to that effect of light twinkling on sea waters. She might not be a mermaid princess, but maybe a human one from a kingdom by the sea? I should’ve really gone with the tiara here instead. Oh well…

Look 3: Red

| Sentaro Star Sleeve blouse | Innocent World Union Flag Lame OTKs | offbrand shoes | Vierge Vampur bonnet | Cutie Creator headbow | Ebony and Ivory brooch | offbrand brooch |

This is an interesting one. I feel like with this look hair and makeup could really take it in all sorts of directions. All those reds and ruffles on the blouse could be quite vampire queen-esque with a more gothy makeup or it could simply be regal and dignified with something simpler and more classic. Hence the oh-so-unimaginative name for this look. I wish that I had my Puvithel order in time for this, since the Crystal Heart necklace in green would’ve been perfect here. I should also look into getting a more elegant brooch in emerald green, this one’s here purely for the colour.

Look 4: OP x JSK

| Baroque Repose of Queen Teatime Dress | AatP Arabesque OTKs | Irregular Choice Total Freedom shoes | Cutie Creator headbow | offbrand kokoshnik, necklace and bracelets | Le Petit Four Emerald Palace ring |

Oof, this was hard to get to look presentable in a flatlay. It may require a bit more tinkering when worn too, maybe even an actual gathering stitch or something. I tried to have both sides be raised, but it wouldn’t work on the flatlay, so I stuck with just one to convey the idea. But other than that I think that this is something that could work. Both main pieces are intricate enough to compliment each other without fighting for attention. Maybe I should also pull in a bit more of those pinks and golds from the Baroque dress into the coord for an extra layer of detail. Food for thought.

What this dress made me realise is that I need to be more serious about expanding my collection of greens. Including this one, I have three green dresses and really need more complimenting accessories, as I rely on the same few each time. Whilst for once I’m very pleased that the recurring piece in he post are not shoes but a headbow, somehow it feels all the more irritating that every one of these coords uses the same headbow. Hair pieces are bits that are so easy to add. I will definitely get better with this - this dress deserves it (and whatever I get for this dress will end up working for the other two green dresses I have since they’re very similar shades).


  1. Oh man, that seafoam look is just gorgeous! I don't tend to like navy but you maaaay just make me change my mind...

    1. Wow, that is very high praise indeed, thank you! I can't deny being very partial to navy, especially when it's even the slightest bit glittery. There's something really magical about glittery navy.


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