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It may be more accurate to call this a loot/haul/brag post, since my primary purpose is to show off some shinies. However, I also realise that I’ve never reviewed the Puvithel stuff I bought previously. So even though we likely won’t see this collection come up ever again, let’s try to do a bit of both kind of a post.

About the Brand

Puvithel is a J-fashionista and the designer running the brand. She is most known to lolitas for the Crystal Heart jewellery, although the brand’s focus is on menhera. As stated on the website, the brand is about “unabashed self-expression”, and as such spans across multiple substyles, which fortunately is easy to achieve for a brand that predominantly makes accessories. In the past Puvithel released some casual J-fashion clothing and have recently collaborated with A. Gato Designs and Cottonbook on a lolita and ouji release.

About the Order

This time it wasn’t me who placed the order. Everything purchased here was done on pre-order and since we had a bunch of people in the UK wanting things, a friend organised a group order. In the end between the ten people we ordered about $1000 worth of shinies, which I’m not sure will ever be topped. From the regular updates that we’ve had from our group order lead, I know that after placing the order on October 23rd, it shipped on February 4th and arrived on February 26th. (Most importantly, our plot to declare a lower value has completely worked and we have avoided customs entirely, praise the powers that be!)

What I Got

It's such a colourful haul too!

Now we get to the part of shinies! Since Puvithel was clear that this was the last huzzah for the Crystal Heart series, as one of the supplier factories was closing, most of us in the group order went a touch mad on the treat yourself hype train, myself included. (As a side note, it’s sad that even though the lolita community at large rallied and ordered so much, we still weren’t enough to keep a business going, especially if others went as mad as we did.) Having said this, I did try to go for things that my jewellery collection genuinely needed in some capacity, even though magpie brain was tempting me to get more. As such I ended up with “only” four things: two necklaces, a brooch and a pair of earrings.

These are so wonderfully extra!

Let’s go in size order, starting with the earrings. Since to my utter dismay I had exactly zero red and gold elegant earrings to match my more OTT looks, these felt like a must buy. They also complete my “set”, since I already had the necklace and brooch. (Arguably I would’ve needed a ring to “complete the set”, but shh, three items of the same colourway is enough of a set to count.) They are every bit as gorgeous as I expected them to be and are just the right size too, neither too big nor too small. They very much remind me of some of the jewellery I was absolutely obsessing over at the height of my “The Tudors” phase (which is when I got pretty much all of the pearl earrings I currently own). During purchase there was an option of making these into pierced earrings or clip ons, which is fantastic! Having spent a good chunk of my life without pierced ears, I know first hand that finding clip ons isn’t easy, especially if you want nice ones. The advantage of indie brands making things to order is this sort of customisation. Now all that’s left to do is to put on a coord centred entirely around this gold x red set, right?

The long chains are not meant for flatlays, they're meant for being worn proudly.

An accurate representation of colour. Is this the bluest blue that ever blued? Maybe.

So sparkly!

I’ve been needing a more elegant brooch in navy, particularly since until recently almost all of my ouji looks had to include navy in some way, so this was the most obvious solution. Having this brooch in my hand is the only confirmation I ever needed that comparisons to The Heart of the Ocean from Titanic are not plucked out of thin air. The blue of the the glass is the deepest, purest, clearest royal blue that I could ever imagine, possible that I’ve ever seen. And “royal” really is the best word to use here, this blue is truly made for royalty. Once again I’m left with regret that I hadn’t ordered the necklace to match too, but hey ho, past me made the choice, I now have to live with it. This brooch alone makes me want to put the most splendid Louis XV ouji coord, so at odds with my usual desires to be a British Tudor ouji. Which is all that needs to be said about the magical charm and appeal of it.

This necklace alone makes me want to ditch my entire colour scheme up until now and wear exclusively green and gold.

Red certainly is a regal colour. But if red is regal, then this emerald is fit for an empress!

Sadly, we do have some damage, though it most likely happened sometime in transit. But you do have to catch it up close and at the right angle to see.

This particular beauty I knew I wanted. My collection of green jewellery is lacking and let’s face it, L’Esprit de la Noblesse’s La Bibliotheque is just asking for this kind of necklace. It is opulent, it is stunning, it is what rich bitch dreams are made of. Whilst I was a little sad when I noticed a scratch mark on the necklace when it arrived to me, I also know that these things happen to glass. And you have to get very up close and personal to notice this, so it’s not like it’s glaringly obvious. One small mark doesn’t detract from its beauty and I could honestly stare at this necklace for hours, it’s so stunning.

Gothic purchase but make it sensible? Sometimes you really can have both.

All of the glass crystals are very reflective, but the clear one is 100x more so. You can literally see my phone reflected in this one.

The smaller black stones let the big clear ones shine all the more.

For comparison. Even though the clear crystals are the same on both, replacing the smaller ones with black ones makes such a big difference. Honestly, if I could afford it, I could easily get every single colourway of this jewellery.

And lastly the least obvious choice for me in this whole order. Although the intent behind a gunmetal metal and clear glass was to have something appropriate for my tiny collection of gothic pieces, I also wanted something that would be fairly neutral. I’m more than aware that my gothic leans pretty classic a lot of the times, hence I avoided something more goth like gunmetal x black or red. Moreover, there is something timelessly classy and captivating in this combination, the glass imitating diamonds and the gunmetal making the clear class appear even brighter. Of everything I ordered this may also be the most magical colourway, which I discovered immediately upon taking it out of its pouch. At first I was convinced that something had gone wrong with the order and that I’d actually received the silver, not the gunmetal, it was so much lighter than what I had anticipated. Part of this was because the majority of the gunmetal necklaces I’ve ever seen have coloured stones, which make the metal appear darker. Part is, as another friend who has two necklaces in the same colourway (gunmetal x blue) pointed out, that this latest release version really is slightly lighter than the previous ones. But part is simply that whatever background the necklace is against affects how the metal comes across. It looked really light in my hands and on my notebook - until I placed it on my black leather sofa when it immediately looked more like what I had envisioned based on the photographs. It’s also the only item out of all the ones that I’ve ordered where the smaller stones are black rather than clear, making for a really striking effect. Yes, had they all been clear it would’ve been one blinding hazard of a jewellery item (and Puvithel’s Crystal Heart jewellery is already bling on steroids, pictures genuinely do not do them justice). However, having the smaller stones in black actually lets the bigger ones in clear stand out and shine on their own (pun intended). This necklace is the biggest surprise for me in my order, and judging by the live unboxing reactions, to others too, since it’s not a common colourway to see, which makes me all the more glad that I went with it. It will no doubts be one of those pieces that I will fall more in love with as time goes on.

Surely it’s obvious that I am completely in love with everything I got, utterly besotted with each and every item. It’s sad that the only Crystal Heart jewellery that I will be able to get from now on is either leftovers from Puvithel’s outlet or if I get veeery lucky second hand, though I may one day give the Le Petit Four’s Rococo Teaparty Chokers a go, having seen a very promising comparison clip once. At the same time, whilst these pieces are by now iconic in our community, even if the factory supplying Puvithel with the materials for these remained open, we need to let indie brands grow and do more than just the one thing they’re best known for. These creators have so much more to offer, but if their time is taken up with doing the same thing over and over, we are preventing them from bringing more to the table. So whatever is next for Puvithel, I will keep an eye out and hope that in amidst their menhera pieces there will be more gems like these to satisfy my classic heart.

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