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With its many layers and often quite involved styling, lolita fashion isn’t typically the first choice that comes to mind for lounging around. But even now, with lockdowns eased pretty much everywhere and us no longer being confined to our homes, there are still people who find that a surprisingly comfortable option for staying indoors. Brands gave us Kumya slippers and hoodie dresses, so why not look cute whilst doing bugger all? Even though for me this is happening more rarely these days, I do have a couple of favourite pieces that I love reaching for when lolita needs to meet comfy and chill vibes, so as the Bibliotheca bloggers are talking about lounging around, let me introduce you to those.

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Fully shirred Violet Fane skirts

I mean, any fully shirred skirt usually does the trick because you just can’t beat full shirring. However, I find Violet Fane’s ones particularly great for that because as well as being really comfortable, they’re also so cute. My other fully shirred skirts are non-printed, which is nice, but the charming illustrations on Violet Fane’s designs instantly level up even the simplest looks. Skirts also have the benefit of avoiding too many overlapping layers, like JSKs do, you’re only dealing with a bit of overlap at the waist. A skirt and a T-shirt is such a classic casual lolita combo - make that into a pyjama top and you really can be super cute with the barest minimum of effort. Honestly, your food delivery person would still think you’re dressed up as you met them to collect your takeout, which is exactly what we’re aiming for here!

Fully shirred skirt? Check. Comfy cutsew? Check. No-fuss hair? Check. Bare minimum styling? Check. You just know that as soon as I was back from the grocery trip that I wore this for, it was comfort and lounging all around.

JSKs that can be worn blouseless

This is pretty vague because if you put your mind to it, any JSK can be worn blouseless. Especially around the house for lounging, it’s not like Mana is going to judge you through the window. Since comfort is of utmost importance for lounging around, obviously this limits my collection to JSKs that are pretty damn comfy on their own: full body or full back shirring is a must. But for me the best ones are still those that can pass off as normie dresses when worn blouseless. Victorian Maiden’s Shirring Frill and the tartan JSK from HeartE are particularly excellent for that as they are already only tentatively lolita (or tentatively JSKs). The fact that they’re made of fabrics that feel nice against the skin helps with that summer lounging when going blouseless really is ideal. In a pinch I’d throw in my Meta Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK because it’s my first ever full body shirring JSK and the comfort that it offers is nigh unbeatable.

This may look quite fancy because I also had leftover good hair and accessories on, but this is basically a lounging 'coord'

Actually comfortable socks

You thought that I’d go into OPs now, didn’t you? The fact is, only one of my OPs is truly comfortable enough for lounging, so the skirts and JSKs meet my needs better. But it isn’t really proper lounging unless your footsies are super cosy too. Even though I also wear slippers around the house, treating myself to socks that feel comfortable and won’t overstimulate me is essential to achieving the relaxation that we aim for during lounging. Yes, lolita OTKs are super cute, but the moment they start rolling down is the moment that you’re pulled out of the zone. Instead I opt for 100% normie socks. In winter these are usually some fuzzy ones that you can get pretty much anywhere on the high street (they also help keep you extra toasty). And when I feel really fancy - I have a pair of mohair bed socks from Pairs Scotland that are literally the softest thing I own. They are a true spa for tired feet and they still somehow manage to be ridiculously cute in their simplicity, so they kind of work for a lounging lolita.

The aforementioned mohair bed socks. I genuinely like Pairs Scotland a lot and would love to get more, the comfort levels are super high.

A cute teacup and fancy tea

It’s not a lolita kind of lounging around unless some delicious tea is involved! Over the years I have gathered quite the collection and try to drink them all as often as I can, mostly to make room for new teas. And thankfully I have appropriate drinkwear too! If I want to be fancy in my lounging, then a more proper porcelain teacup is usually the best option. When the day is chilly or I need more relaxation, then it calls for a mug, either my Dream Masquerade Carnival or a more generic cute one. And if it’s something in-between the two or maybe I want a bit more ease with switching up tea flavours each time I boil the kettle - the brandwhore comes out to play with the Mary Magdalene 3th Anniversary mug (that is what it actually says on it). Was this a peak Closet Child purchase? Absolutely yes!

Proof that Mary Magdalene really did have a thirth anniversary.

As you can hopefully see from this post, there are no rules to lounging around in lolita. You are not obliged to stick to the perfect aesthetic in the comfort of your own home or room. If you want to lounge yet still feel that frilly cuteness, then do it in whatever way actually allows you to relax and rest. After all, no-one but you will ever know.

Make sure to follow the Bibliotheca newsletter and check out the other bloggers’ contributions to this month’s lounging theme. They are sure to give you some more ideas on how to make your August super chill and relaxing!


  1. Maybe I'm too lazy, but I can't imagine myself wearing anything other than oversized t-shirts and pajamas when at home, hahaha! But I really like your suggestions, and I am surprised to know that fully shirred pieces are actually comfy! I don't own any, but now I'm curious to try one. Maybe then I will change my mind about wearing Lolita at home.

    1. It's definitely one of those things that not everyone likes the look of, which I understand. But if you find a fully shirred design that you like, it really feels so comfortable to wear. Even with my non-lolita clothes I love my fully shirred dresses the most!


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