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Seasonality has been firmly chucked out of the window, at least partly because of the much cooler and greyer summer the UK is having this year. So whilst I’m stuck listening to Taylor Swift’s folklore and reminiscing about the Big Veggie Tent at the Harrogate Flower Show, dreaming of autumnal flavours and cosy knitted layers, I’m also looking at my lolita wardrobe which is still in a more summery mode. With my autumn/winter pieces still packed up in storage, I can’t do full coords with them, but I can dream up a couple of cosy looks through Whering to encapsulate the mood of the season that brings us colourful leaves, crisp mornings, and scents with more than a hint of spice.

Look 1: Apple Season

| Violet Fane Ginza Kissaten skirt | The Seamstress of Bloomsbury Jive blouse | Fi.n.t. cardigan | Tabio socks | Sosic Shop shoes | offbrand beret |

I know, this one doesn’t even use any of my autumn/winter pieces, so it could’ve well been a proper flatlay. Oh well, call me lazy. Anyway, to me autumn is inseparable with apples. Apples are my favourite fruit and I wholeheartedly miss the variety that I had easy access to whilst living in Poland. This skirt has so many autumnal colours on it already and the print is food themed that it seemed the perfect fit for adding apples into the mix. It also looks really cosy with the cardigan and the beret. Sure, it’s definitely one for a slightly warmer autumn day - but those happen too.

Look 2: Bookshops and Bonedust

| Dear Celine Magic Book OP | Axes Femme cardigan | Innocent World Lauretta OTKs | Hush Puppies boots | Cutie Creator headdress |

Yes, this is basically a slightly updated version of the February 2021 coord - and a namedrop of one of the things that has me so excited about autumn, i.e. Travis Baldree’s next cosy book. This OP is really perfect for autumn, so warm (to a fault sometimes) and who doesn’t love curling up with a good book during autumn? Might as well inject that extra bit of magic into an already magical activity that is reading. (Although in real life this likely will not happen because I am a bedtime reader, so I’m going to be in my cosy pyjamas when I delve in.)

Look 3: Royal Stewart Unicorn

| Angelic Pretty Royal Unicorn Switching JSK and headbow | Summer Tales Boutique Nostalgia Collection blouse | offbrand tights | Angelic Pretty Elegant Doll boots |

This is such a great blouse and between the cut and the pattern, it gives off big autumn vibes. And since it’s also more on the fancier end, it deserves a fancier coord to match it. Thankfully both the JSK print and this particular tartan have ‘royal’ in their name, which makes them go together like two peas in a pod. Even if it isn’t quite the cosy autumn vibe that I am currently dreaming of, the idea of this coord makes me excited for it and for the cosiness that comes from hanging out with your lolita comm. Because that is inevitably what this would’ve been worn for.

Look 4: Cosy Spices

| Lady Sloth Winter Spices skirt | Axes Femme cutsew | Skellig sweater vest | Innocent World Belle Epoque OTKs | Elf Armorie Cupid’s Heart shoes | offbrand beret |

I started on a skirt and I would like to finish on a skirt - especially since I not only forgot to pack this one for the winter, but also not worn it since last December. It stumps me sometimes, because I’ve worn it in most of the most obvious ways and still throw it on casually, which doesn’t get documented. But then I remember that this is pure overthinking and remind myself to fall back on the tried and tested combinations that make me happy. Which is how this was born. I know that this cutsew and this sweater vest look great when layered together. And to be honest, wearing this sweater vest again is also something I cannot wait for this autumn. The rest of the coord finished itself.

Did this post help calm some of that yearning for autumn down? Erm, not really. I am now yearning to wear these warm and layered looks, even though outside remains relatively mild, not a hint of that crisp cool air. And I also just feel it in my bones that the moment I indulge in early autumnal joy, summer will slap me across the face with another heatwave or something. But I am very excited to have these looks in the bank, waiting for whenever the temperatures drop to levels appropriate enough to wear these super cute coords. And then all that will be missing from my life will be a mug of mulled apple juice to sip at with a big grin.

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