4 Coords for 1 Season with 1 Main Piece


Autumn is just around the corner – although for now the weather balances on the edge of being a slightly cloudier Indian summer, it won’t stay quite this warm for long. And what better opportunity to plan some autumn outfits than the Lolita Blog Carnival!

I picked this season above all others because I felt it offered the nicest range: I could use warmer things and long sleeves, but also add some lighter touches; I could make use of some of the richer colours that I have in my Lolidrobe, but I’m not limited to those; I could create coords without having to worry about them being covered up by thick coats or being too warm themselves for the weather… In a way spring would’ve offered very similar opportunities, but since spring is a long way off from now I thought I’d stay a little bit more relevant. I also picked the Sweet Macaron JSK from Bodyline over all the others, mainly for two reasons: 1) it felt like a piece that could easily be an autumn one without being the obvious choice; and 2) because I’ve already done my 1 Dress 4 Outfits post with this one, but since then my wardrobe has expanded so much that that one already feels very dated.

But enough talking, let’s get down to the outfits!

1. Soft Elegance

| vintage blouse | Innocent World Rose and DiamondOTKs | Enchantic Enchantilly Candy Ribbon necklace |
Cutie Creator headbow | Bodyline S522 shoes | offbrand hair clip |

Pairing this dress with pink is a slightly obvious choice, however, I’ve gone for more muted dusty pink blouse to hint at the autumn and take a step towards Sweet-Classic Lolita. The necklace from Enchantic Enchantilly, one of my newest additions bought at Wicked and Whimsy, is simply perfect here and ties in nicely with the rose theme in the print.

2. The Librarian

| Miss Point Earl Grey blouse | Enchantic Enchantilly
Your best tights for angels' ball party (I know, weird name,
but that's on their online store :P) | offbrand flower crown |
Fantastic Grim Jewelry necklace | Secret Shop shoes |
Wicked and Whimsy limited edition ring by Enchantic
Enchantilly (VIP & volunteer exclusive) |

I only called it this because of that insane necklace from Fantastic Grim Jewelry, although the rich burgundy of the blouse does remind me a lot of old leather bound books. Lots of new accessories here that add some interest points to the coord and just looking at it sends waves of inspiration down me. To wear this in one of the older Oxford libraries, lost in a book – whether one you’re reading or one you’re writing – now that’s dreamy…

3. Sweet Cookie

| Angelic Pretty Creamy Shirring blouse | DreamV
cardigan | Innocent World Wendy OTKs | Cutie
Creator headbow | Risu Rose ring | Chocomint
ring | unknown necklace | offbrand boots |

At first I thought about trying my hand at a chocolate coord, but I don’t have enough dark brown pieces, so opted for a cookie look instead. I like how this plays up to the Sweet Lolita print that this JSK has, but by using warmer elements (thick-ish cardigan, cotton OTKs, short boots) it still manages to convey a little of that autumn chill without losing any of the cute.

4. Simply Gold

| Angelic Pretty Twinkle Glitter Knit cardigan | Chocomint
star clip | Rose Marie Seoir choker | Angelic Pretty Crystal
Dream Carnival
pegasus ring | An*tai*na heels | offbrand
socks |

I thought about doing something more with it, taking it a bit closer to an OTT look… But then I realised that keeping it simple isn’t bad and this way I can turn the focus point slightly away from the print and towards this gorgeous gold cardigan from AP. I only wish I had a gold headbow to go with this, because in order to pull just the Chocomint clip as the sole hair accessory I’d have to have quite an elaborate hairstyle to match and for the life of me I can’t think of anything suitable at this moment!

And this is it: four outfits for autumn using just one main piece. Honestly, the more I think of it, the more I realise how versatile this JSK is, I’m thanking my past self for unconsciously making such a smart purchase so early on in my Lolita journey. What’s your most versatile piece? Or maybe you have one that makes you think specifically of the upcoming season of falling golden leaves? Share your stories and finds with me in the comments, and remember to check out what the other bloggers have written:


  1. The second coord with the dark red blouse is gorgeous! I didn't knew this print before but seeing how versatile it is makes me smile. There aren't that many great bodyline pieces out there but I do like this one a lot. Also the third one is super cute.
    You did a nice job on the coords with this dress. It has given me some inspiration as well.
    Have a nice day! Poppy xx

    1. Bodyline has since discontinued this print, which is a shame because it's one of their nicer ones. Plus it's versatile AND comfortable because it has full back shirring. I'll have to take extra good care of this one. ^^ And thank you, I'm glad to have inspired you a little :D xx

  2. I love the variety you have here with all the different colors, and your little details shots are very cute!

    1. Thank you so much. I tried my best to create different looking outfits, to really show off the versatility of this dress, although with different enough accessories and hairstyles even the same base (JSK, blouse and potentially legwear) can be revamped and made to look new and fresh. Although that doesn't photograph so well - though it's given me an idea for a different blog post now ^^

  3. Oh, gold and blue is great together.

    1. Thank you. I think adding gold to anything is a good way to make that item or colour a little bit more elegant and classic


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