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Whether I’m attending a comm meet or going to an event, my routine for getting ready is pretty similar. If I’m totally honest, that routine is actually exactly the same as my daily routine for getting ready or any other party routine of getting ready. All that’s different is the style of clothes I’m wearing, so if the rest works – why change it?

Step 1: Prepare the clothes
I do that the night before, so that everything I need to put on is ready at hand and I don’t have to search for anything. Usually I will plan my outfit in advance, sometimes down to the finest details and sometimes just the main bits, but the main bits are what I need to have prepared in order for things to go smoothly. This step includes packing my bag, so that I have everything I will need during that day.

Step 2: Eat before you do anything
This is especially important for meets/events starting in the morning and/or involving you to get up early. I don’t leave the house without having eaten at least the lightest of breakfast, keeps me nourished and prevents unpleasant accidents like fainting. Plus eating before doing anything means you don’t have to worry about your clothes or makeup – win!

Step 3: Makeup
I do most of my makeup before putting anything on. And by most I mean face and eyes (and contact lenses before anything else goes on, provided that I am wearing contacts that day). This allows me a little bit of time for corrections, should something go wrong, as the act itself of putting clothes on doesn’t take that long. I don’t do false eyelashes and/or lips until later because pulling the dress over your head could ruin something or you could accidentally stain it from the inside. I always finish off my makeup with a makeup setting spray, that helps it last an entire day in whatever weather, if need be, as well as ensures that I didn’t spend all this time just for something to get ruined after a couple of hours.

Step 4: Hair
That is the point where my routine will often vary. A lot depends on what kind of hairstyle I’m going for, however, as long as I’m using my own hair this is the point where I’ll style it. Lolita clothing can be pretty restrictive and if I need to move my arms a lot it’s better to have the freedom of movement. However, if I’m wearing a wig, I’ll put my hair up and put on a wig cap before doing the makeup and put the wig itself on after everything else is done.

Step 5: Clothes
The crucial part of wearing Lolita fashion, as you might’ve guessed. Sometimes I’ll do my hair and makeup whilst wearing underwear, bloomers, pettis and maybe socks, since these don’t get in my way, but everything else comes after. There’s nothing here that isn’t straightforward, clothes on first, then accessories, shoes at the end – simple.

Step 6: Perfume
I have days where I forget it, especially if I’m in a rush, but usually I do complete my look with a spray of some fragrance. I pick one that suits my coord best – lighter, fruity scents for Sweet coords and heavier, musky ones for Classic – and spray four times: behind both ears, on my collarbone and at the top of my head. I may spray a little extra on my clothes, particularly if I’m feeling self-conscious (NB: living with smoker parents), but I always make sure that I have aired and Febreezed my clothes before putting them on, so four scent points is usually all it takes before I’m ready to go out.

A lot will depend on the exact outfit that I’m wearing, but that’s the bare bones of my getting ready routine. Other than preparing everything the night before and ensuring I wear a complimenting perfume, I doubt that this is that different to what most people are doing, although I can’t help being curious if that’s really the case. Is what I’m doing your routine for getting ready in Lolita too? Or maybe you do something differently? Let me know in the comments and let’s compare with what the other bloggers have written:



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