Planning September Outfits


Somehow every autumn and winter I get into this state where I suddenly have a lot more occasions to dress up. With life continuing to be hectic, a bit of planning goes a long way - and surely everyone involved in any kind of fashion enjoys a bit of outfit planning, right? So for a chill post I thought I’d do some outfit planning for this month. Set your expectations to low when it comes to collages for we are in Lazy Hours!

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Coord 1: A lolita anniversary meet

| Summer Fairy Limited Menu JSK | BtSSB OTKs | Angelic Pretty Twinkle Sky headbow | everything else is offbrand |

Limitations: public transport
Venue: indoors, private

So initially I was going to put something together with my very first lolita dress, since the meetup celebrates a fellow comm mod’s lolita anniversary. Styling your very first piece seems appropriate for an occasion like this, right? But then the dumb burger dress, otherwise known as Summer Fairy’s Limited Menu JSK, arrived on my doorstep. And I can’t just not wear it! This is just something super quick and basic, it may even end up being too warm for the bomber jacket, but given how soon this is and that this is this dress’ first outing, there really is no point in overthinking it. If anything changes, you’ll see it in the coords roundup post at the end of the month.

Coord 2: Harrogate Flower Show

| Chrysanthemum's Concerto The First Semester JSK | offbrand blouse and shoes | Innocent World Rose Lace Millefeuille bolero | AatP Lace-Up Ribbon OTKs | Rose of Sharon hair clip |

Limitations: travelling, walking, packing
Venue: outdoors

For my Mum’s birthday Dad and I are taking her to the Harrogate Flower Show, which obviously calls for something floral or botanical. At the same time, since I’ll be travelling over, I don’t want to pack anything too high maintenance. My thoughts wandered towards the possibility of wearing The First Semester JSK in an all-green coord, but a light vs dark green rather than a completely monochrome. Plus, should the weather be doing something less convenient, this can be easily modified to layer up, layer down, change the shoes, whatever.

Coord 3: Fantasy Foret Saturday

| L'Esprit de la Noblesse La Bibliotheque JSK | offbrand blouse | Amavel cardigan | Innocent World Short Boots OTKs | Elf Armorie Cupid's Heart shoes | Cutie Creator headbow | Vanyar wig |

Limitations: headset (maybe)
Venue: home

I’ll be taking part in Rose Foret’s online event called Fantasy Foret (and hopefully I’ll soon have more details to share, so stay tuned). I don’t necessarily have a lot of very fantasy-themed pieces, and Saturday will be of the more panel-based variety, which means putting comfort ahead of fanciness. Fancy will be reserved for Sunday, though I can’t really share that outfit with you here. Therefore I turned to look at my wardrobe and landed on La Bibliotheque with what is hopefully a custodian of fantasy knowledge kind of look. This is the biggest work in progress of this lot, so if you are interested in how this turns out, definitely make sure to come back at the end of the month for what will be a final reveal.

Coord 4: Fishermen’s Friends musical

| Violet Fane Charming Town skirt | Fi.n.t. cutsew | Hell Bunny cardigan | Innocent World Anchor OTKs | offbrand shoes and beret | Imerial Fiddlesticks Emporium headbow |

Limitations: work on the same day (likely at the office), travelling
Venue: theatre, indoors but public

Ok, I could’ve done sailor lolita with anything, but I haven’t tried it yet with Charming Town and I think that could be really stinkin’ cute. Especially since the Charming Town print feels very appropriate for a musical about a small fishing village. The quaint vibes meet the marine themes, plus perfectly comfortable for a working day - a winner on all fronts!

Bonus coord

| Bodyline L380 skirt | Yilia blouse | MuFish tights | Deary heels | Cutie Creator headbow |

This was going to be worn for a Discord hangout, which I didn’t really make (well, I made it for like 10 minutes in goblin mode, so it doesn’t count). But it’s always good to have a backup option or a coord already waiting just for whenever. This will be that coord. Probably with some extra faffing around the waistline, but we’ll see once this is on a body and not just in theory.


You can’t say I didn’t warn you about the lazy collages. But hopefully you enjoyed this post despite them. Preparation is this month’s theme for Bibliotheca’s bloggers, so if you aren’t subscribed to the Bibliotheca newsletter, make sure that you do to catch every other kind of preparing that will be taking place this September. Now if you’ll excuse me, I actually have some more planning of other varieties to do!


  1. The first JSK is certainly something you don't see everyday and I like the idea of pairing it with this jacket so I'm curious how that will turn out.
    Totally biased because I like La Bibliotheque, but coord 3 shapes up to be an interesting one with the red pieces and hair. (And very excited to hear about the event afterwards; I went to a con recently and it was okay but I'm longing for something lolita-specific.)
    How the backup evolves with the occasion is also something I look forward to seeing; pure white main pieces feel always tricky to me.

    1. Sadly, British weather did me dirty and it's still way too warm for this jacket. It's September, come on, we can cool down a little bit...
      Ngl, the La Bibliotheque coord is one that I may be the most excited for because it is still such a work in progress. Once I have everything on, I will be able to add the final adjustments, but even this rough collage had me like "okay, okay, this is going someplace".
      Really? To me an all white/ivory coord with an accent colour is one of those fail-safe options. A full on shiro or something would be a bit harder because whites and ivories are also not all made the same, but once you break that up with an actual colour, you can hide a lot of sins that way. I really want to wear that coord somewhere, I'm just not quite sure when an appropriate occasion will appear.

    2. Yes, that might be my personal bias speaking. If a white piece doesn't already have an accent colour (like Meta's Airline JSK or pretty much any sailor-themed thing), I find it hard to pull a coord out of it (especially if it's supposed to be non-shiro and more casual). But again, personal bias. Unlike with black, I've always had a love/hate relationship with white.

    3. Black with an accent colour is just as good though, super classy!


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