Lolidrobe Reassessment Post 2021.3

You know, I almost forgot about these posts. Somehow life had happened and I lost track of time. But don’t worry, we’re here now. And happy spooky season!

New additions

This section was shockingly bare - up until I went to the swap/bring and buy meet last week. It’s still not that much, but more than it was.

  • 1 dress (sweet JSK in white x orange)
  • 1 cardigan (classic in green)
  • 3 pair of socks (sweet in white x black, sweet in tricolour, classic in ivory x green)
  • 1 pair of shoes (sweet/classic in pink)
  • 1 bag (sweet in red*)
  • and 5 set of accessories (1 pair of sweet earrings in white, 1 gothic headdress in white*, 1 sweet ring in brown, 1 classic pin in brown, 1 sweet bracelet in red)

Look at the beauty in the middle! I still can't get over her.

A better look at the small bits.

This is one of the smallest and quickest roundups of this section that I’ve ever done! It seems that I missed out on the fact that I wasn’t buying much lolita stuff because I was still spending money (on vintage/reproduction clothes, on home stuff, on cosmetics etc.). And I still kept looking at things, be it just the usual window shopping/checking all the second hand shops or actually adding things to my 48-hour-wait tracker. Of course, seeing things like this doesn’t help because now I feel myself get in the mood to buy more stuff (the dreaded “I have nothing to wear” cliche is ringing in my head), but hopefully I can resist that.

Possible new looks

Initially, when the above was just four things, there wasn’t much that I could do with that in terms of possible new looks. While now there is definitely more, I kind of feel like trying out a new approach to this section. Instead of putting some coords together, let me share some of the photos showcasing where I have already worn the new pieces. This should really prove that they were indeed needed. Not that I was able to do many so far, but still. Hopefully in the future this section will look a touch less bare.

Shoes in action. Coord from August 2021.

Earrings in action. Coord from August 2021.

Replacement and need list progress

The white wrist cuffs were supposed to be replaced - and then they weren’t. Nothing else from my list appeared, so once again we have no changes here.

Still no changes as of October 2021.

I have, however, scored another item off my need list, a pair of pink shoes that are cute enough for sweet and neutral enough for classic. Patient stalking paid off as I got mine on sale and from the moment they arrived they proved how needed they were with the wear I got out of them.

Small progress here.

Current wishlist

So, yeah, THAT dress finally happened! It became the main piece number 50 in my current wardrobe and I said to myself that I cannot get any more, not with my current storage limitations and reluctance to get rid of what I have. Which puts me in a weird position with this wishlist, as I would certainly still love to own many of these pieces - but not necessarily at the cost of getting rid of something else. So I will need to have a long and serious think about this, probably reevaluate my priorities. And it doesn’t help that my friends got me excited about hunting for the navy Airline JSK too so that I can be Ryanair-chan as well as easyJet-chan… Having friends is tough sometimes.

Looking at the above now there are definitely items that I would love to get, But at which point does one tell oneself to stop if it's not at 50?

With the non-main piece wishlist, just like I said at the last review, I decided to take it easy. I think this list could also do with some sort of priority system being imposed on it, as some items really can wait (like the blouses) and the rest are a matter of being lucky.

I guess we could count the bracelet as something that I've also gotten that fits the wishlist criteria, but I won't do that since I was aiming more classic with my choices.

New Year’s goals: progress summary

  1. Did I create 1 lookbook video for charity: not yet. This is due next month according to my self-imposed deadline and have I actually done what I said I’d do, i.e. film little bits over longer periods of time? Have I fuck! Moreover, new things have happened in my life, which are limiting the free time that I have, putting this goal in extra jeopardy. I still want to make it happen though.
  2. Did I plan my Disneybounding outfits: despite the trip no longer happening in January 2022, the outfits are continuing and you can find them here.
  3. Have I had a loita photoshoot: yes! Unexpectedly, I was able to not only take some fun photos, but also collaborate with James the Enthusiast on that. It was a very exciting project and hopefully it will leave the door open to more creative opportunities like this.
  4. Did I overhaul my earrings collection: yes, you can read about it here.

So, we’re heading into spooky season with a slightly revamped version of the reassessment post and significantly fewer purchases than I’ve done at this time in the past. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just one that I’m not quite used to. As usual, the last quarter of the year tends to be the busiest one for me as I personally gear up for Christmas. This year I am unlikely to do any formal coord challenges or anything, but I do hope to still be able to release that creative energy out somehow. And hopefully brands this year will have really awful Christmas releases so that none of them tempt me!


  1. Haha it's a weird good/bad feeling when you're like "I'm kind of...done?". I've hit that with my wardrobe...I'll tweak it forever but realistically, right now it's pretty much complete and it's a strange situation to be in!

    1. Right? Especially since like with any fashion, we're constantly seeing the messages of "buy more" (unboxings, hauls, reviews, new releases, hunting things down second hand etc.), so it feels extra weird to be just... there. Granted, I'm still constantly battling moods of "Now I want this thing", but overall recently I've had way more time to invest in my non-lolita wardrobe (money and time-wise) because there literally isn't that much more that I could want. Not sure yet how to navigate that.


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