Final Dream Dress Unboxing!

The last of the dream dresses, the one I hunted for the longest, the one I began doubting ever actually existed and started suspecting it was just a Photoshop prank... It's finally mine! *cue Mine Mine Mine from Pocahontas*


  1. It is lovely. I really like the details of scalloped collar(it reminds me of french pattiseries) and it has belt rather than a pair of waistties. I don't know, but I own 4 dresses with tie belts and 2 of them has either small straps or a pair of buttons to keep it in place. The button solution is best in terms of holding the belt in place, butyou have to cover them up every time. A more permanent solution is to make 2 straps of white sewing thread in each side,they are easy to remove but less damaging than to pin it in place everytime.

    1. That's great ideas for the belt, thank you for that! I'll see what I could do about that, hopefully it's something that I would have enough skills to do. Especially since I like the belt, I feel it gives the dress a sort of retro feel.


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