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Last Friday my boyfriend and I went to see Jack Whitehall, a stand-up comedian and sometimes actor. It was a bit too cold to wear Lolita, but I’m adopting a new attitude whereby if I can frill up, then I will (and like a true Northerner I shall deal with the weather for the sake of looking awesome).

| Magic Tea Party Bears Paradise skirt | Axes Femme blouse
and poncho (pictured on the selfie) | Sosic Shop shoes |
offbrand tights and beret |

My lipstick was actually bright pink, but it didn't
photograph that well in the arena lighting.

I definitely shouldn’t have left my coat at home, but fortunately we were indoors or in the car more than we were outside, so I did not suffer for too long. But this gave me all the more reasons to find something warm to wear with Lolita, especially boots and a coat, that wouldn’t ruin the look.

We had the tickets for pretty much a year, from the moment they went on sale, and it did not disappoint. For any of you unfamiliar with Jack Whitehall’s work, I recommend starting with this clip, it’ll give you a good idea whether you like his kind of humour or not.

We absolutely loved it, even his support act was great (he was called Tom Lucy, if I remember right). But Jack’s routine made me laugh so hard my eyes filled with tears and I was desperately trying not to let them ruin my makeup (which fortunately, it remained intact). There were genuine unplanned mishaps there as well, like part of the set catching fire, but they were all dealt with very professionally and Jack still managed to turn them around into truly laughable moments. He said that one of the next ones will be recorded for his DVD, but I kind of wish that it was this one that was recorded – not just for the sake of my own memories, but because those truly were “what were the odds of that” kinds of mishaps and they added an extra layer to the whole show. Plus, Leeds has a bit of a reputation for letting a few of the riskier, potentially more offending jokes land, which may not have gone so well in a different place and potentially not be included in the show, so I feel like we got the full lot!

What was the last non-meet time you dressed up in Lolita? Were you practical/weather appropriate or braved the environment looking fabulous? Did you enjoy it? I know I’d definitely love to do this again: both dressing up in Lolita for a night out like this and seeing Jack Whitehall live, both were totally awesome!


  1. I admire you for managing to go without a coat! But looking fabulous is more important, haha~ Though I'm not that strong. I always lose with weather and try to wear something warm, so I don't regret it later. I'm really cold sensitive :< Anyway, you looked beautiful and I'm happy for you that you had fun!

    1. I think that if it was snowing or actually below 0*C I would've given in and worn a coat. But it was something like 2*C just with a cold wind and that boosted my bravado. Well, and maybe subconsciously I hoped to catch a cold and be off work :P And thank you ^^

  2. Stand up comedy is one of those things that never seems to tickle my sense of humour. I think maybe some people are immune due to the performative aspect of it. Or maybe it depends on the sort of humour you were exposed to growing up. It's an interesting thing to think about really! I'm one of those people that will find something absolutely hilarious to the extent I nearly sobbed over it, only to share it with someone else and have them be like "um... ok then..." Anyway, getting off topic here. I'm glad you had such a fun evening, and I totally get why those completely unscripted moments must have added their own humour to the proceedings!

    It's been really cold lately, hasn't it? For me, lolita is actually quite practical for cold weather as it lends itself to layers quite well. At the weekend I wore lolita to meet with some friends, and because I knew I'd be doing a lot of travelling and spending time outside I knew I needed to be prepared, and actually planned my outfit the night before. I opted for leggings to give me more protection than tights (my legs tend to feel the cold a lot). I wore my pink Baby coat which is surprisingly warm and heavy, so I got to be both practical and fabulous!

    I love your choice of outfit for the occasion. Berets suit you so well, and the neutral colours make this a really elegant look ^_^

    1. Maybe you just haven't found the comedian you'd find funny? Humour is so subjective, I've been in those situations where what I found hysterical and wanted to share was just boring or bland to others. But over the years I have discovered what kind of stand up comedians I like and if I feel down, just watching a clip on youtube will lift my spirits.

      True, especially the petti can keep you really warm. I can cope with the cold, but if it's windy and/or wet, then that's too much. I definitely want another Lolita coat that I could throw on and still look cute. Technically I'm in more of a need for warm boots that aren't heels, but why have practical priorities? :P

      Thank you! Since I got the berets for Lolita Secret Santa, I want more, potentially some plain ones that I could decorate with brooches. That'd be nice.


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