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We talk a lot about Chocolate Lolita and chocolate coords, elevating them to the status of one of the major themes in Sweet Lolita, completely separate from other food prints. While there are many ways to consume chocolate, the one that’s sometimes all too easy to fall for are chocolate bars – so why not pay a tribute to your favourite one with a coord?

It’s ever so slightly ironic that I suggested this topic on the Lolita Blog Carnival poll some time ago, but when it’s finally gotten to it I’m on a Dechox, fundraising for the British Heart Foundation by not having any chocolate at all for the entirety of March. (Shameless rep, but you can help support the research done by the BHF and help me meet my fundraising goal by >donating here<.) I admit: googling reference pictures so that I knew exactly what to do was a serious test for my strong will, but I managed to get past this and create a coord.

| Bodyline L380 skirt | vintage blouse | AP Twinkle Skyheadbow | Bodyline S274 heels | Taobao clip |

There are numerous chocolate bars that I like, yet if I had to choose only one for the rest of my life I think I’d pick Kinder Bueno. I love chocolate and hazelnut things and this one is just perfect. However, instead of creating a coord inspired by the bar itself (an all-brown chocolate coord, how refreshing!), I took the wrapper as my inspiration.

Red and white is a classic combination and one of my favourites too. This take on it is the Kinder Bueno wrapper upside down – purely because I don’t have any red Lolita skirts. I would’ve worn this with plain tights in a shade that matched the skirt so as to not disturb the colour blocks. Keeping things simple, my only accessory would be a chocolate hair clip worn as a brooch to further hint that the coord is inspired by a chocolate bar. And, as an afterthought, maybe I’d add a smaller white bow to the head to balance things a little bit better, but that’s not on the photo. While not the most polished of outfits, there is something appealing in it. I think it’s how the simplicity of it allows the smaller texture details to shine through, especially on the skirt.

What’s your favourite chocolate bar? Or do you not have much of a sweet tooth? Any sweets wrappers which you think are pretty enough to inspire a whole outfit? I’d be interested to hear and in the meantime, this is what other bloggers have created:


  1. I don't like Chocolate coords, they usually end being all brown and samey. However I like choclate theme accesory, they don't lock you as it have been a chocolate print.

    1. I know what you mean, I can't tell the difference between most chocolate prints because they are so similar. In non-brown colourways at least they offer a bit of variety if you treat them like solid colour pieces, but the brown coords end up looking quite similar to one another. All the more reason to focus on things like chocolate bars where the wrappers are often all sorts of colours to create a different coord, while still adding a bit of chocolate aesthetic to your outfit.

    2. I think I better like them in ivory/cream colourways, but I agree it is important to threat most chocolate prints as solids, since they tend to be monochromic of nature. I think chocolate prints is less released in last two years, even they are still very popular,

    3. Really? I always thought that AP had a regular chocolate release in autumn (since they tend to do jackets and are generally more autumn colours). But then again, these releases are so similar to each other that unless you're a fan of chocolate aesthetic, you can't really tell them apart. Still, they sell out, if not on release then during sales.

    4. Maybe I haven't noticed because the prints was not so hypet.


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