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Haenuli’s Whipped Cream Kitty is all the more special to me in that it was a present from my boyfriend (mind you, a present I found, purchased through my Lacemarket account and then got refunded for, but still). Now it also has wonderful memories attached to it as I wore it to day one of Wicked and Whimsy where I had a total blast and got to meet Nunu from Haenuli in her very own dress. There’s always something new to be found in the print and this keeps giving me inspiration for new ways to wear it.

Look 1: Simplicity

| Innocent World lucky pack blouse | Taobao OTKs | Innocent
World Art Nouveau headbow | Innocent World Moon and Star
pearl necklace | offbrand shoes and socks

Sometimes you just need everything else to step back and let the print shine. Whilst I have removed the detachable bows for a bit more colour cohesion, this remains a very dressy print so I wanted to place it at the centre stage. It’d be good for a casual meet or maybe just for visiting a friend in a non-Lolita context.

Look 2: Cookie Crumble

| ARROW blouse | Dream V cardigan | Innocent World
Wendy OTKs | Amavel bag | offbrand shoes | offbrand and
Ety jewellery | Cutie Creator headbow |

I wanted to pick at the cookie and biscuit themes in the dress for something that I haven’t quite done before. There definitely needs to be something blue at the top, such as a blue clip, to balance out the colours a bit better, but it’s still working pretty well. I realise that I’ve reused the shoes here, but heels felt a bit too mature for such a playful look.

Look 3: Ahoy there!

| offbrand blouse | Hell Bunny cardigan | Innocent World
Anchor OTKs | Bodyline heels | AP Twinkle Sky headbow |
offbrand beret and earrings | Innocent World Original Crown
clip/brooch |

Yes, this dress is far from sailor themed. And yet because it’s predominantly tricolour it seems to work alright in a casual marine/retro inspired ensemble. The focus here really is on the colours, reds, whites and blues, rather than themes, and by adding an entirely different theme on top of the print it somehow seems that little bit less overwhelming. Or is it just me?

Look 4: Pink Chic

| AP Large Ribbon Brooch blouse | AP Sealing Border
OTKs | Deary replica heels | offbrand jewellery and beret |
After Midnight doughnut clip |

In all fairness, this is a work in progress. Accessories like pink wrist cuffs or more Sweet-style shoes and headwear would’ve pulled it together a little more like I imagined it, but it’s not too bad as is. The pearl bracelets and necklace really tied it together with the pearls on the beret and the hair clip, as well as with the more elegant heels, balancing out the Sweet blouse and socks. Still needs a bit more and a more polished finish. Any ideas?

I did my best to stay away from the things I’ve already done, namely pairing this JSK with a red blouse or goingfor white-red accents. There’s a lot more untapped potential there, however, it’d require a few more accessories to truly unlock it. Having said that, I’d love to experiment with this dress more and see if I can take it into new directions like something folk-inspired or going very OTT Whipped Cream Princess. Maybe next time…


  1. The sailor coord really steals the show in this coord challenge <3 I love how everything works together color wise and still brings out the print a bit but not to much. Really love that one!

    1. Thank you so much! It definitely is the most out of the box of the ones here and the fact that the dress features blue, red and white so much made it very easy to make it work. Hopefully I'll get to wear it out one day. :)

  2. I think tricolour works so well, because they are dominant colour of the dress.
    I am not keen on coord it with big amounts of pink, pink is not dominant colour on the dress. But however I would choose pink for accesory or socks.

    1. The pink one is a definite WIP. It could be a lovely and cohesive coord, since there actually is quite a lot of pink on the dress, but it needs a lot more elements that flow together than what I have.

  3. I love the 3rd outfit! I have that same Twinkle Sky red headbow :3

    1. I wish that I had the detachable trim on mine, but I bought it second hand without it. It's still one of my favourite and most versatile headbows!

  4. Ahoy There is definitely my favorite, too, but I also love how simple and crisp you kept the first coord, it really makes you notice the small details more like trim and texture.

    1. As fun as it is to play with different prints and mix'n'match themes, sometimes the simplest coords are just as effective, especially when showing off a busy print. Those little details just pop when there's nothing else to detract from them.

  5. The tricolor coord is so fun, it's unexpected but it works so well together!

    1. Thank you so much! I like experimenting by just putting thing together and seeing if they work. Often they don't, but it's incredible when they do :D


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