1 Dress 4 Looks Take 11

It’s time to get creative with the outfits again. At my current rate of buying things, one of these posts a month might not cut it, so I’ll try to speed things up a little. This was my first piece from Metamorphose temps de fille and I bought it mainly as I thought that a solid colour JSK would be a good, versatile addition. And it is, as well as a very comfortable one due to the full body shirring, and yet I’ve kept putting it on the back burner a bit. Time to stop that.

Look 1: Classically Sweet

| Meta Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK | AP Large Ribbon
blouse | AP Sealing Border OTKs | AP Logo Ribbon
wrist cuffs | AP Dolly Chiffon headbow | Bodyline
tea parties | BtSSB Merry Sweet Cake ring | Chocomint
bow ring | XKawaiiCutieX (Etsy) earrings |

Sax and pink is a classic colour combination for Sweet Lolitas and since I obtained all these pink pieces, I might as well use them. I’m not sure if this is something I’d wear, it seems a little too predictable for me, but I wouldn’t be too grumpy if I had to.

Look 2: Vintage Colours

| Meta Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK | AP Creamy Shirringblouse | AP Drained Cherry OTKs | AP Dolly Chiffonheadbow | Bodyline s274 heels | offbrand cardigan and
earrings | vintage necklace | CutieCrazeCafe (Etsy) ring |

If you don’t know that yet: I love combining blues with reds. To me this is a timeless colour combination in pretty much any shade and as both of these are colours that suit me, I gravitate towards them without much thought – it’s my colour comfort zone, if you wish. This is the second cardigan that I took with me to the Cardigan Meet in March, but didn’t finish it until later in April. Adding a cherry theme to that mix further emphasizes the vintage-inspired vibes, as well as gives it more of a Sweet look.

Look 3: Elegant Classic

| Meta Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK | Cutie Creator headbow |
Sosic Shop heels | Fantastic Grim Jewellery necklace | offbrand
blouse and socks |

I actually wanted to do a Country look, but since I wouldn’t be able to fit both the headbow and a straw hat on my head and I don’t have suitably Country ivory or matching sax shoes to carry that theme, I decided to just go with a simple Classic look. It’s a work in progress where the necklace is the statement piece – with a book bag it could be a great Classic Lolita look. Any suggestions what else could tie this together a little better?

Look 4: OTT Classic

| Meta Shirring Tiered Ribbon JSK | Resailan Jewelry Boxblouse | AP Harlequinade OTKs | Bodyline L380 skirt |
Antaina heels | JeshiiDoll bonnet | IW Organdy Bow Rose
clip | offbrand crown ring |

I saved the best (or just my favourite) ‘til last. What ultimately convinced me to buy the dress is the fact that the buttons are fully functional, which adds new possibilities to how you can wear this dress. It’s also one of the reasons why I got this Bodyline skirt, but that’s just a side note. Yes, I know the socks aren’t a perfect match (honestly, #lolitaproblems because none of my sax – and ‘sax’ – items are the same shade), but without sax shoes that would’ve been a bit too much ivory – and I kind of like how these two shades look together. Yes, accessories could do with getting a drama boost. This is something I would totally, 100% wear and when I do put it on next I will definitely have more of a play with accessories and jewellery to see what really works (sometimes it’s not easy to see on a flatlay). But as imperfect as it is at the moment, this coord is what makes me fall in love with this dress.

Any of you here are particularly fond of non-printed pieces? What is your favourite detail about them or that one that you have? Does it get as much love and wear as your other dresses? I’m definitely going to have to think of ways to wear this one out more casually, although that tiered skirt is far from casual (oops!).


  1. Oh I like the OTT classic look!

    1. Thank you. I'm so itching to try it on in real life, to see if it'd work as well on a body as it does on a flatlay! <3

  2. My favorite is the brown one(even I prefer a darker brown headbow or using a hat)and the OTT one.

    1. I was so hoping that my Mum had a wicker bag that I could use with the brown one, to make the country vibes that little bit more obvious, but alas, of all the bags she has a wicker one doesn't feature in her colection. :P

  3. Red with baby blue looks so cute! I think this is my favourite coord, although the last one is really beautiful too <3 I love hime vibes!

    1. Red and blue for the win, always, in any combination and shade! <3 Most of my wardrobe, Lolita and non-Lolita is red, blue and white/ivory.

  4. My favorite one is the vintage colors coord. The red tones give it a unique vibe and I just love red and blue tones together in general.

    1. This is probably the one I'd be most likely to wear just to go shopping or something.

  5. The red coord has to be my favourite! I love the way the red pops against the blue, and creates an adorable retro vibe! <3

    1. That one is on my list for wearing out soon, just because. Also now that I look at it after a while - the red makes it less obvious that the blues don't match, which is a great bonus!


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