Taobao Preorder Unboxing

This skirt has been on preorder since January and it's finally arrived. And while I was at it and needed something anyway, I took advantage of having a Taobao order on the go already and added something extra from Fan+Friend (gosh, I never know how to spell it, separately, together, using words or the plus sign...).


  1. That hoop skirt is just huge. Also the brooch is a nice touch, more verstaile than a hairclip would be.

    1. It probably looks bigger on the video because of how small my room is, though even when I put it on it gives some insane poof! I haven't tried taking the hoop out yet, so I can't tell what's it like on minimum level, but I'll try that eventually.
      It is, it's also probably why I didn't bother challenging my shopping service on this. A the end of the day it's bow shaped, which is the most important thing for me.


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