Japanese Auction Haul Unboxing

Good things come to those who wait! I’ve been collecting things for a bigger order for a good month and then waited about another 3-4 weeks for this package to finally reach me. Lots of goodies bought at cheap prices and even if not all are strictly Lolita, they’re all very inspiring for the fashion. Hope you enjoy the haul with some extra moving images of the ILD coord!


  1. It is cool the meta dress has glitter in it, since it is subtle print and simple cut. And it is a find for the price. Airmail from sweet kitty is rather cute, it has some celebration theme going to it, but the navy does hold the print from being too much. And those two magazines is something I considered to buy, but done it.

    1. That Meta dress was a golden find! I have some ideas on how I want to wear it, but of course the weather's gone cold and rainy again, so can't. ;_; I think issues of KERA might get a little bit more sought after now that it's out of print, but Book Off Japan and Amazon Japan tend to have cheap second hand copies. But I did like Eternita, it featured clothes that are a lot more my style, more otome and Lolita, even featuring a tiny bit of Larme, and less Visual-kei and Gothic. Plenty of inspiration for day-to-day style, definitely.


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