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Very few Taobao releases grab me as strongly as this one did. I was hooked on Resailan’s Jewelry Box from the first print previews and woke up earlier to place the reservation (later turned out that I didn’t have to, although I still missed out on the shoes from that series). Whilst I’m not 100% happy with the high-waisted cut, I’m also not keen on the V-shaped straps in general which were featured on the normal waist cut, which is why I don’t wear this dress as often as it deserves. Nonetheless, I still love the print, it’s one of my favourites and because of this I’m determined to make as many complimenting coordinates for it and find a way to make the high waist work on me.

Look 1: Jewel Tricolour

| Resailan Jewelry Box blouse | Innocent World Millefeuillebolero | Innocent World Crown Lame OTKs (?) | Cutie
Creator headbow | offbrand shoes |
It’s a known fact that navy and wine work well together. In this case the “tricolour” is completed with ivory/gold for that little bit extra. However, despite the regal colour scheme, this is a relatively toned down look thanks to flats and the headbow. Throw in a book bag and this would be perfect for a reading club meeting or something like this.

Look 2: Pearl Princess

| Soufflesong Ice Prism blouse | AatP Arabesque OTKs |
An*tai*na* heels | Taobao tiara | offbrand choker |
This is where I let the print be a true inspiration. The kind of lush jewels that are featured on it could only be in possession of a wealthy lady or a princess – how could I resist adding my recently acquired tiara? Having said this, as a flatlay this still look rather tame, even if I deliberately kept it minimal to reflect a notion that a true princess doesn’t need to wear all her jewels on to prove her royal status. But this could easily be taken to pure OTT levels with lots of matching jewellery.

Look 3: Sax Pageant

| Infanta Moon Elegy blouse | Angelic Pretty HarlequinadeOTKs | Resailan Jewelry Box headbow | offbrand heels |
handmade sash | Celestial Castle (Etsy) bow clip |
Not only is navy and sax a pretty safe colour combination, but since I made this sash I wanted to find other coords that it could go with. It does give a pretty strong pageant vibe, but in this case I don’t think that’s such a terrible thing. All the sax elements really bring out the light blue highlights and tones in the print, which otherwise are overshadowed by all this gold, so I’d be very interested in finding an occasion to try this on.

Look 4: Frill Academia

| Innocent World lucky pack blouse | Angelic Pretty Glitter
cardigan | Resailan Jewelry Box barette | Putumayo
socks | Metamorphose bag | Innocent World brooch |
offbrand shoes |
Whilst not ideal for wearing to school (unless you’re at uni doing a degree in “non-messy” arts), I’m absolutely digging the school vibes. There are quills, ink pots and parchment on the print, so it’s not like this theme is that outrageous. Looking at it now, those gold flats or maybe a pair of Oxford shoes in a shade similar to that of the bag would balance the colours out a little better, but I still totally love this coord, I’m unashamed to say that it’s my favourite of the lot.

I’m aiming to speed up with these posts. It’s been long enough already with me being stuck with pieces I struggled to coordinate and the number of main pieces in my wardrobe keeps growing rather than staying still. Besides, this kind of posts is very easy to prepare in advance and schedule – which is incredibly convenient when you are still recovering from the Dream Masquerade Carnival weekend. I’m currently waiting on some good official photos from the event, as I took bugger all, but hopefully it won’t be long now before a whole range of Dream Masquerade Carnival goodness graces this blog!


  1. Nonmessy arts, lol. I like all of them, but the sax has the most interesting portional.

    1. I tried to describe that in as few words as possible. Because painting is just as much of an art as acting, but one is considerably safer for clothing in general. :P I'm determined to at least try the sax one on someday!

  2. I really love the last look, 10/10 would wear :)

    1. I've been really feeling the school uniform-style coords recently, I guess it's my unfulfilled wishes of wearing a preppy uniform when I was at school. :P

  3. I love #3, sax with navy is absolutely gorgeous! <3

    1. Sax and navy is always a winner! It's the only common combo where the jewel and the pastel tone work together - purple is the only other one I can think of, maybe yellows too, but it really wouldn't work for reds or greens.


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