Wishlist Dress Unboxing: Sweet Cream House

You know that dress that you've seen so many times that you actually started to really want it? This is it for me. But I wasn't willing to go over my budget for it, believing that patience will pay off. And guess what, it has. Very quickly, since this is on of those that everyone has seen by now, either in person or on another YouTube unboxing video - here's what mine is like.


  1. Ooooh so pretty! Well done on finding it. I'll admit Sweet Cream House is a dress I keep a vague eye out for as well, but probably won't find cheaply enough to make me go for it!

    1. I know what you mean. But if you're ever going to find it cheaply, it will definitely be on Japanes auctions etc, it's really expensive second hand. (I think the OP cut tends to be the cheapest on Japanese second hand market?)


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