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This was SUCH a great prompt! If you’re a Lolita who doesn’t like putting coords together, then I seriously question your commitment to and interest in the fashion. Challenges like this usually come about early in the year, after the January wardrobe post season when everything is still fresh, but I’m up for coording other people’s bits any time! (Seriously, if you want me to have a go at your wardrobe, hit me up!)

Initially I wanted to create something using my comm friend’s wardrobe. She’s very much into Gothic, Classic and Boystyle, so this would’ve been an interesting challenge for me having only done Classic before Classic. Unfortunately, her album on Facebook only has stock photos of the main pieces and nothing else, so I had to look elsewhere. I originally wanted to pick the wardrobe of someone I knew fairly well, so that I could create a coord that I think they’d wear and one that I would like to wear myself, but alas. Maybe next time. I know the struggle of gathering energy, motivation and determination to do a full-full wardrobe post that looks great is tough, so I don’t blame anyone. 

In the end I browsed through wardrobe posts from this January, looking for one that would have good pictures of everything (so main pieces AND blouses, cardigans, socks, shoes, accessories etc.), preferably not in coord shots. That turned out harder than I thought, but I finally decided to use Raine Dragon’s wardrobe from the blog Crimson Reflection. Mainly because her wardrobe photos were the best and I could easily create a collage with them, no need for stock photos, but also because this is someone whose blog I enjoy reading during the Lolita Blog Challenges, so it would be fun to see if she’d approve. 

But enough of the talking! You’re here to see the outfit!

Click to enlarge.
| Angelic Pretty Princess Cat Special Set JSK and headbow | Angelic
Pretty Airy Bowtie Three Quarter Sleeve cutsew | Angelic Pretty
Marionette OTKs | Vivienne Westwood x Melissa heels | Angelic Pretty
British Ribbon necklace | offbrand pearl bracelets | Angelic Pretty Dream
pochette | unknown cream hair clip and rosette |

It was actually hard to choose. Raine Dragon has a lot of pieces that are quite up my street and I wanted to coordinate so many. But I often found myself thinking “but I want to use my X” and this outfit wasn’t any different. Ideally I would’ve used a matching blue beret with a small white headbow or bow clip and a different bag, but I had to work with what was pictured in Raine’s wardrobe post. Still happy with what came out of the challenge though!

I wanted to focus on the colours. Red, white and blue is the ultimate colour combination and I absolutely love it. Since all the cats in the print are really classy and elegant, I wanted the coord to reflect that touch of sophistication. The cutsew’s bowtie would be taken off to make room for the necklace and I’d put my hair in some elegant vintage inspired style, probably something like what I had during the CardiganMeet, if I could ever replicate that. I’d also keep the halter neckline there for extra retro vibes, maybe even remove the regular shoulder straps if possible (or just tuck them in if not). Winged eyeliner, red lipstick, maybe a faux beauty spot and tonnes of sassy attitude would complete the look.

Honestly? Having done this coordinate I now want to wear it so badly it almost hurts. So many of these pieces may end up going onto my wishlist, although good luck to finding them! I don’t know if this is anything like Raine’s style, but even if it isn’t, I’d love to see at least a flatlay or mannequin version of this, to see if my vision translates well in real life. After all, this is only a mediocre collage where details are easily lost and photos can be deceiving.

Is there anyone’s wardrobe that you’d like to play with making coordinates? How comfortable would you be tackling substyles you don’t normally wear? Maybe you’ve done a style swap and had a first-hand experience of using someone else’s wardrobe to create outfits? I’d love to hear all about that!


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