Halloween Outfits Ideas for Non-Gothic Lolitas

Confession time: I don’t like Halloween. I don’t hate it or actively dislike it, but I do impatiently wait for the Halloween hype to pass (and to buy discounted chocolates). Part of it is to do with my (this time active) dislike of anything related to the horror-genre, however remotely, but also I’m just not into spook as is. For anyone out there who feels the same, and like me isn’t into Gothic Lolita, our dilemma is joining any comm Halloween festivities without spending money on a once-a-year kind of dress, here are some of my ideas for Halloween-themed Lolita outfits using things you probably already have.

A ghost

All you need for that is a white, off-white or even ivory coord. Yes, monotone coord with these colours is difficult to do flawlessly, but an OP might save you in that situation and as long as you are mostly some sort of shade of white, the idea should translate. Also, think the ghosts from Harry Potter: they all wore the outfit they died in, so you could try to convey the ghost through makeup and maybe a skilfully crafted white overlay to create an illusion of being ghostly?

This is just amazing! Outfit by Lou Graves, check out their blog!

A witch

Most typically Halloweeny, you could literally be any kind of witch you wanted: good or bad, dark or light, traditional or modern (again, think Harry Potter). I’ve seen some lovely pastel witch cords and making your own hat could be a nice afternoon project to save you from the horrors of cheap costume shop ones (although there are some hidden gems there sometimes, especially if you’re going to upgrade it with decorations).

A vampire

Whilst we think of vampires as mostly Gothic creatures, there’s room in there to incorporate Classic Lolita or Ouji into a more historical and/or elegant kind. Even better, if you’re good with makeup, you could even avoid buying false teeth (which could be uncomfortable to wear for some) and paint yours on. If anyone ever pulls off a Sweet Lolita vampire, I’d love to see that, but until that happens vampires will stay more of a Gothic and Classic territory.

That looks warm and comfy, as well
as Halloween-appropriate.
Photo from Pinterest.


Guro Lolita evokes the images of blood on a white outfit, but the term ‘guro’ is short for ‘gurotesuku’, i.e. grotesque. And grotesque doesn’t have to be just blood. Anything creepy and disturbing, from whiteout contact lenses to making yourself look like a stuffed toy that’s been gutted and holds onto its plush, the substyle is broad enough to incorporate all kinds of ideas that don’t have to be directly from the Gothic Lolita realm. Think about what you have and what things you find grotesque and combine the two as best you can!

A kawaii monster

If you’re a Kyary Pamyu Pamyu fan, then you know the kind that I’m talking about: colourful, often fluffy, slightly disturbing. Whilst you don’t have to go full Singular Eyeball Realness, taking inspiration from kawaii monsters might be an excuse to wear your brightest, most colourful things that you haven’t had the chance to yet (or wear together). This would generally be better suited to fairy-kei and pop styles, but I can see a crafty Sweet Lolita nailing that look as well.

While not strictly Lolita, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's outfits show
plenty of Lolita inspiration. This is from the Fashion Monster
music video.
Photo taken via Cosplay Amino.

Death Becomes Her

In other words, show us how your Lolita self or a character would die. This could include inspirations such as zombie Disney princesses, but that’s just the starting point. Many of these outfits would be more of a matter of makeup skills or props rather than the clothes itself. Be creative: hanging, poison, sugar overload, whatever you think would translate onto an outfit (and whatever prop you’re capable of making) will do.


This is an absolute last resort, but one that is sure to scare quite a few people in your comm, maybe even yourself. No Lolita wants to be described as ita, this is our stuff of nightmares. Although it may end up being more costly than the previous ideas, especially if you got rid of the evidence of your poor beginnings, so think through your other options before deciding to arrive in a lacemonster. And having said this, don’t forget that this is not an excuse to shame or make fun out of anyone personally – if there are Lolita newbies at that meet, they may feel like your Halloween outfit aims to mock them or may not understand the joke. Be supportive, defend them from any attacks your outfit may provoke and educate them where necessary about why this is not a good Lolita outfit and a truly scary Halloween costume.

You'll need a lot of courage to be this scary...
Photo from Milanoope.tumblr.com

For non-Lolitas Halloween is now more of an excuse to dress up and have a party, even though neither has to be even remotely spooky. So if you’re not into Halloween or Gothic Lolita, don’t feel like there’s pressure you have to give in to. Any decent comm will make sure to be welcoming to everyone – mine, for example, always stresses that an event’s theme is not compulsory and that people can wear whatever they want. This is also the one time of the year when (hopefully) people won’t be surprised at you wearing ‘a costume’, which might give you a bit of courage to push your outfit further.

Personally, I’m not able to go to my comm’s Halloween meet as I’m abroad, so I’ll have to wait and see if anyone else will put something on. I feel really drawn towards a ghost coord, but it may be a little too cold for what I’d wear, so maybe it’s for the better that I can’t go.

Do you like Halloween? How do you feel about wearing Lolita on Halloween? Are you looking forward to this year’s (any plans for it already)?


  1. These are all really fun and creative ideas! I was struggling to come up with something for Halloween so I decided to try to put together a gothic coord and go as a vampire. Halloween is a good chance to wear something a little extra and I'm looking forward to it!

    1. I usually struggle with Halloween because it's not something that I celebrate or have an interest in. And despite having a big goth-wannabe phase in my teen years, I haven't picked up Gothic Lolita for various reasons. So I was really brainstorming ideas of what outfit I could pull off for a Halloween meet that would be both sort of themed and wouldn't require me to get a lot of new pieces. Hopefully this has been helpful to others too! ^^


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