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I actually remember when the Secret AIR MAIL from Sweet Kitty happy packs were released – but not only I wasn’t in a position to afford it at the time, I genuinely didn’t pay much attention to it. It took good two years for me to rediscover that print when watching someone else’s unboxing video and realise what a cute print it is and develop a desire to own it. Luckily, since it was a New Year’s happy pack release, it hardly ever goes for much and it pops up often, so it was only a matter of time before I managed to grab it. Let’s show it some love!

Look 1: Love For Tricolour

| vintage blouse | Innocent World Pearl Ribbon OTKs |
Innocent World Art Nouveau headbow | Bodyline heels |
Misako brooch | TPC10 pin | Twinkle Kitty Boutique ring |
Rose Marie Seoir necklace |
Since the dress already is tricolour and since I love reds, blues and whites together, it’s only natural for me to do a tricolour coord. In this version I went for more of the reds and the blues, keeping whites as little accent pops to mimic the print itself. I would’ve preferred socks that matched a little better in colour, although as these match the headbow it doesn’t irk me so much. But I’d definitely add a bit more white here and there, thinking mainly of a white handbag, just to lighten it up a bit.

Look 2: Cool Blue

| Infanta Moon Elegy blouse | MuFish tight | Sosic Shop
heels | Cutie Creator headbow | Metamorphose necklace |
offbrand ring (barely visible here) |
This is the most experimental of the lot here and while I like it, I feel it needs a little bit more work to get the balance a bit better. There are bits of minty sax shades in the print that I wanted to bring out, however, from the skirt hem down I definitely had issues. Ideally I would’ve gone with sax socks and dark blue shoes, but the only ones I own aren’t quite on that Sweet/Classic border (I’ve one pair of normie shoes and one very elegant heels) to make this work. I’ll keep working on this, but as I still like the idea, I’m putting it out here for my own reference – and if you’ve any idea on what to fix, I’m all ears!

Look 3: As Sweet As It Gets

| Angelic Pretty Large Ribbon Brooch blouse | BtSSB Secret
AIR MAIL from Sweet Kitty
headbow | BtSSB OTKs |
Metamorphose shoes | Angelic Pretty Logo Ribbon Charmwrist cuffs | Sweet Dolly House bow ring | BtSSB Merry
Sweet Cake
ring |
This is definitely the most Sweet Lolita look I could create with this dress. There are lots of pinks in the print to bring out and striped socks take me back to the early days of border prints and matching socks. Had I piled more stuff onto the head and added more jewellery, this could easily have been an OTT Sweet look, even if done with a not-so-common colour combination. I probably should’ve added a red hairclip to accompany the matching bow though – not that I see myself wearing that really.

Look 4: Chill & Casual

| Metamorphose 2017 lucky pack blouse | Fi.n.t. cardigan |
MuFish tights | New Look flats | offbrand beret |
Of the four, this is the one that’s most likely to be worn by me, it’s most my style. I might be a tad obsessed with this Fi.n.t. cardigan, but when it’s this cute and versatile, can you blame me? The beret and the flats would make it a very comfortable outfit too, perfect for a casual shopping trip or a relaxed catch-up with a friend over a hot drink. Yeah, I definitely like it the most.

I definitely tried to avoid the typical things that you could do with this dress, namely the white blouse with white socks/tights and red or blue shoes. Which isn’t to say that those cords wouldn’t be great, I just like to push myself when doing these posts and to try out new looks, even if they don’t always come out the best they could be. Especially when you own a lot of pieces and don’t always get to wear them all out, I think it’s important to be a bit more creative when doing flatlays. 


  1. My favourite kind of posts <3 I love to see the versality and creativity on planning coords!

    1. Same, to be honest. Although I find that I enjoy those posts a lot more than putting them together - physically laying a coord out is a lot of effort :P

  2. Of course you did a tricolour look! I think the pink one is my favourite though :)

    1. How could I not? I wouldn't be myself if I didn't. :P


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