Date Night Outfit


I’m on a roll with these casual outfits recently. Although granted, most date nights I try to wear Lolita since I don’t see my SO as often as I’d like and since I associate Lolita with special occasions, which date nights are, it’s only logical that I’d wear Lolita for date night.

| Bodyline L380 skirt | Axes Femme blouse | Fi.n.t. cardigan |
Imperial Fiddlesticks headbow | offbrand tights and beret |
Deichmann flats |

Very simple makeup - I had moments of regret over this liquid
lipstick (Kat von D's Everlasting in the shade Mother), but
it worked so well with this coord!

My original plan was to wear the polka dot JSK from Bodyline. However, as I wasn’t in the mood for ironing and it’d be too large to pack, I opted for a main piece that I could wear instead of packing. Which led to the realisation that I’ve never really worn this skirt as a main piece – and it’s a shame because it genuinely is one of Bodyline’s nicest pieces. It’s simple enough that I could wear it to work, since I travelled down straight after work, yet still has enough detail to remain interesting and fancy enough for a date. Weather was also on my side and I managed to wear this exact coord, which I wanted, even though I had a colder/wetter weather alternative packed with me.

There isn’t much to say about date night itself. We went to New Royal Balti in Audley, which is my favourite curry house in his area – and I’m from the UK Capital of Curry, so my curry standards are high. We both love good Indian curry, although we’re on opposite spice tolerance/preference levels, and Royal Balti delivers lots of flavour and quality for us both.

In retrospect, a boned, high waist skirt may not have been the most sensible choice for an evening feast, although I do feel like it stopped me from overeating a little bit. Unfortunately though the zipper in the skirt is breaking – the teeth don’t catch each other properly, so the zip ends up splitting – and it’s only with some self-control and being careful that I managed to get back home without a giant gap at my waist, since I didn’t pack any other skirt. As much as I like this skirt, I’m not sure if it’s worth replacing the zipper. I don’t have the skills to do that, so unless I could get someone to do it for me for free, I don’t think I’d go for that for such a cheap, replaceable skirt. I’ll mull it over for a bit, I don’t have to do anything yet.


  1. You look incredibly cute! Your date sounds lovely, and I really like your point of view about lolita and special occasions <3
    Hope you find someone who can fix your skirt!

    Marina | Teapots and Frills

    1. As much as I'd love to up my Lolita wearing levels to something nearer to a daily Lolita, for now it's still a special occasion kind of thing. So it's nice to have pieces like these that I can just throw on and 'only' look fancy, but not 'weird' (in the normie's eyes).

  2. I loved your outfit! It is so cute but also so elegant!
    About the zipper, I think you should replace it. It is not difficult at all, and this skirt is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you. I don't have the skills to replace a zip myself, so a lot depends on how much it'd cost me, but I think I will look into it.

  3. That's a cute look on you and your date sounds nice. It's a pity you don't get to see your man very much but it's sweet that you often wear lolita when you do.

    1. The long distance thing isn't easy (and I dislike calling it 'long distance' because the distance isn't even that long, it's just a distance, but that doesn't sound quite so catchy :P), but we're making it work. He's very supportive of Lolita and likes me wearing it - although he also teases me that once we live together, he'll wear all my brand and will look better in it (and he is skinny, so likely) :P


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