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The tricky thing about Meta’s Polka Dots Shirring Pinafore JSK is that I can’t use the usual go-to base colour, white, unless there’s a perfect colour match – it just looks odd with mismatched whites. It took me a while to figure out that the key is to use bold contrasting colours instead, forcing me to think outside the box a bit more. After all, with this one you can’t do the usual “white blouse, white socks and the rest in colour because the blocks of white will make the shades appear to match even if they aren’t” gig. But once I figured out how to successfully make actual Lolita coordinates with this dress, I had a blast putting the outfits together! Please excuse the funny lighting, it was either this or weird shadows.

Look 1: Casual Chic

| Fi.n.t. cardigan | New Look flats | offbrand beret and tights | Axes Femme earrings | SelEtSucre
barette |
I know that I’ve literally just talked about mismatched whites not working, but those lace tights somehow manage to defy that. This outfit is perfect for spring, covered, yet light. It probably would even work without a petticoat. I like how the polka dots go through both main pieces, it gives a sense of continuity to the outfit even though they’re both slightly different styles and different colours. I’ll have to wear this out one day, just casually!

Look 2: Saxy Gal

| AP Whip Girl cutsew | AP Ladder Ribbon OTKs | Imperial Fiddlesticks headbow | Madillustration
brooch | Long Ears and Sharp Ears Fanny's Dressing Table bow clip | offbrand shoes |
Not going to lie, the idea was much nicer in my head than it ended up in real life and I think it’s the headbow and shoes. Because of how cool the off-white on the dress is, this outfit almost would’ve been better in all blue, since the warm ivories stick out – but maybe it’s a case of something that’d look better worn than laid out flat? In any case, it’s a work in progress for now. Also, I’m absolutely not sorry for the title of this coord, sue me!

Look 3: Retro Fruit

| Meta lucky pack blouse | AP Drained Cherry OTKs | Bodyline heels | Disney bag | offbrand
cardigan, necklace, beret and flower clip |
I’ve worn this dress with this cardigan before, but not in a proper Lolita coordinate – making one was a natural step forward. And while it’s very much something that I’d wear, I’m not sure if I would actually take it out for a spin – precisely because it looks like something that I’d wear, if that makes any sense. It just feels safe for me and since I don’t wear Lolita as often as I’d like to, when I do wear it I tend to try something at least a little new or different. Having said this, isn’t it cute how this apple bag and the cherry elements work together?

Look 4: Classic Lady

| BtSSB Forever Enchanted Midnight Spell bolero | AP Salon de The Rose OTKs | Madillustration
brooch | Baroque Repose of Queen headbow | Dreamybows flower headband | offbrand shoes |
Now this is the one I’m most excited about! This look sort of just came together as I realised that the previous three outfits lean very heavily into Sweet. It’s no wonder, after all this is a Sweet cut, but since it’s good to push the boat out sometimes, I wanted to challenge myself to making a Classic coord with this JSK – and here it is! As you can tell, I couldn’t decide on the hair accessory, so there are two, waiting for me to decide on the hairstyle first and then pick whichever headband works better with it. But I’m really digging this look. All that’s left is to figure out an appropriate occasion to wear it!

Do you have a main piece that you bought with every intention to wear in Lolita coordinates and then ended up struggling to coordinate it? Have you figured out a way to do it yet? Or maybe it’s not hard to coordinate, but just so much better suited for casual wear? I’m very interested to hear about those pieces and how you’re wearing them!


  1. Oh I love the last two outfits! I know you say the third one feels very typically you, but to me it still looks unique and fun. It does seem like a rather tricky dress to match though so I think you did really well on all these.

    1. Thank you. I know what you mean, it's a good outfit, just one that I've sort of already worn (well, I've worn this JSK with this cardigan before). But maybe I will roll it out somewhere one day :) And yeah, it really is tricky. It's a lot easier to just wear as a non-lolita sundress than try to match it with something. But it's my best ever second hand deal, so I'm not complaining. ^^


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