5 Items a Lolita Should Always Carry in Case of Emergencies


As women, most of us already carry bags filled with all kinds of things more or less needed things in case of an emergency. Yet however prepared we may be in our day to day lives, wearing Lolita fashion may sometimes require a whole other set of emergency items. To me these should be further separated into regular meet and large tea party or con, so here is more than one list of five items every Lolita should carry in case of an emergency.

Regular meet

Your comm’s monthly meet or any other less formal excuse to wear Lolita means that you shouldn’t encounter too many emergency situations, if any.  But based on my experience, these are the things that I aim to have with me:
  1. An umbrella
  2. Spare bobby pins and/or hair ties
  3. Mascara and lipstick for touch-ups
  4. Ibuprofen
  5. Plasters

Most of these I tend to carry with me anyway in my regular handbag. They’re not exactly that emergency either. However, on a regular meet I know that if there’s anything I desperate need that I don’t have with me, I can pop into the shops and buy it, so sometimes I don’t even carry some of the things above if I’m only bringing a small bag. It all depends on the meet itself, but as I haven’t had any major incidents yet, I carry on in my careless manner.

Big Lolita events

Those are usually out of town for me, so there are all kinds of emergency things I pack both into my handbag and into my suitcase. Although then I learn that there are some things I should’ve brought, but haven’t and while I can rely on friends to have those, I need to learn to bring them myself. But useful emergency kit would include:
  1. A bottle of water
  2. Safety pins
  3. Mini-sewing kit
  4. Eyelash glue
  5. A change of shoes

The first and last item here are for personal comfort/health, especially at a con or a non-tea party kind of event. It’s easy to forget to eat and drink, so having a bottle of water with you should encourage you to stay hydrated – and if you’re on your feet all day, you will thank yourself for bearing with non-kawaii extra bag with more comfortable shoes inside. The middle items are for genuine fashion emergencies. When a button pops off or if something isn’t fitting right, better to apply some sort of quick fix than spoil your excitement for the event.

Generally good to bring

Like I said, some things are generally good to have with you, regardless of the occasion. While they may not exactly constitute emergencies, you never know what might happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Consider things like:
  1. Power bank – to charge your devices
  2. Super glue – in case your shoe breaks
  3. A fan – can double up as face cover if someone tries to take your photo without permission
  4. A tired/dry eye spray – it’s a godsend, but I’m not sure how it affects makeup
  5. Pen and notepad – you never know

That’s just a couple of examples. Some of these things I carry daily, some I feel like I should carry just in case. You know what kind of emergencies you might be prone to, so consider that when packing your handbag. But most of your Lolita emergencies will be very similar or the same as your day-to-day potential emergencies, so you only need to consciously remember to include anything that’s Lolita exclusive.

What kinds of things do you make sure you have on you when our in Lolita? Do you or would you carry different things to a con or a large tea party than to a small comm meet? Maybe some of your ideas are the same as those of other bloggers? Make sure to check out what they said – all of our ideas together should get you covered for every imaginable emergency!

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