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This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt is to create a coord using your newest garment. Now, the actual newest additions to my wardrobe have not arrived yet and when shopping online, like you do with lolita fashion, it’s not always clear which one is the very newest. Is it the last one you purchased? Or the last one to have arrived? Postal services work in weird ways where a SAL Parcel sent later can sometimes arrive sooner than your EMS because it avoids being stuck in customs. So long story short, I decided to use two pieces that could definitely be counted as new: the last one to have arrived and the last main piece I purchased (bar those in transit, of course).

And it was extremely convenient that I had decided to go for this particular interpretation of the word ‘newest’ because it’s the coord I had actually meant to put together: the Alice and the Pirates Sugar Plum Fairy Princess JSK with the I Do Declare blouse. That dress is the reason I bought this blouse (in this colour – I think I still would’ve bought it without the dress) and whilst sometimes flatlays can be awkward, these two pieces look great in a floordinate.

| AatP Sugar Plum Fairy Princess JSK | I Do Declare
blouse | Ruha Garden headband | Resailan Jewelry Boxtights | offbrand necklace, shoes and flower clip |

That’s not where new things end either! This headband from Ruha Garden, purchased off Wunderwelt, is also new in my collection – and also bought for this specific dress. When searching for that perfect gothic headdress I discovered that unless you want to do a rectangle headdress or a bonnet (the former being an accessory I’m pretty particular about and the latter being better suited to fancy coordinates), everything will somehow end up flowery. I’ll probably acquire a black veil at some point, but for the time being this lovely piece should suffice as my headwear for anything black, whether I decide to go fancy or casual.

Although I put my trusted pair of Resailan tights, I would actually have loved this more with black lace tights. As of now I don’t own any yet and lace tights are nigh impossible to work into flatlays, but with this blouse being so sheer you can’t really have thick solid tights on.

To break this up a little and add a point of interest, I decided to add this offbrand necklace. Whilst the green adds a subtle pop of colour, it’s also a dark enough shade than in dim light you’d struggle to make out if it’s green or black. However, it’s very elegant and the pearls reflect the pearl buttons on the dress. With such a statement piece against the statement blouse any other accessories would be too much, so a simple black Mary Jane heel it is. This is also why lace tights would’ve worked so much better.

Now that’s the kind of gothic lolita coordinates that I want to make: simple, yet elegant, creating impact with the right kind of pieces. Granted, I can totally see myself going down the colourful route in gothic, it will give my wine and navy pieces (and emerald, once I acquire more) more use, but especially when the coord is all black, it’s important to have pieces that pack a punch.

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