1 Dress 4 Looks Take 25


I have been dreading this one. As you may already know, I struggle to coord this JSK, despite really liking it a lot. Part of me wants to get rid of it, part wishes I had gotten a different colourway and part of me is determined to figure something out. I don’t want to give up without a fight, so let’s hope this instalment of the 1 Dress 4 Looks programming will show me some cute ways that I could wear King Eleven’s Miss Tea’s Delicate Life, also known as a Mad Tea Party. I have tried a different style of photographing flatlays, let me know if these work for you or not.

Look 1: Sweets

| Dream V cutsew | Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House OTKs | Cutie Creator hat | Milkribbon Butterkeks brooch | Sosic
Shop heels | offbrand necklace | 
This is probably a pretty safe look. Granted, the browns don’t really match (only very tentatively) and I did say last time that I should stay away from trying to match them, but in a quirky kind of way it somehow doesn’t bother me so much? It’s not my favourite look here, though it’s probably the best one with brown that I’ve done with this dress so far. I’ll keep trying until I land on a combination of browns that works.

Look 2: Sweet Blues

| Angelic Pretty Whip Girl cutsew | Angelic Pretty Ladder Ribbon OTKs | Angelic Pretty Cute Ribbon wrist cuffs | Pink Up
Fanny's Dressing Table barette | Chocomint Ring | Beckie's Kawaii Charms ring | Wonderbox Designs rosette | offbrand
necklace and shoes |
Last time I featured flatlays of this dress I also went with blue pieces. It is quite a strong accent colour in the print, so no point running away from it. I envision this being a more casual-ish sort of look, hence the hair accessory (that barette matches pretty well), though maybe a lighter brooch would’ve been better). My only real iffy point is that I wish is that I had different shoes for this dress, though I won’t go out of my way to get a new pair, especially while the fate of this dress is so unsure.

Look 3: Gold Party

| Angelic Pretty Twinkle Glitter Knit cardigan | Angelic Pretty Musee du Chocolat OTKs | Angelic Pretty Elegant Doll
boots | Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Emblem brooch | offbrand beret |
The yellow-tone ivory is really tricky to match, but you know what goes well with everything? Gold! I like how this is simultaneously fancy (because gold) and casual (because of the pieces used). And truth be told, this AP gold is probably the closest I’ve come to matching the weird shade of ivory on this dress. This turned out to be a coord I am genuinely excited about!

Look 4: Tea Rose

| vintage blouse | BtSSB Forever Enchanted Midnight Spell bolero | Angelic Pretty Romantic Angel OTKs | Dreamy Bows
headband | Enchantlic Enchantilly necklace | handmade brooch and bracelets | offbrand shoes |
Whilst not as prominent as the blues, there are lots of rose pink accents in the print, which I wanted to bring out. Again, none of the shades in this coord actually match, yet somehow this still works overall. There will definitely be more attempts at trying to tie some pink in with this dress in the future, as I really like the romantic sort of feel to this outfit. And by like it I mean actually, potentially wear it.

So with these four I have now done eight outfits with this JSK. Actually, it’s nine because I photographed one more, which didn’t make it into the post (not a bad outfit, just one that would probably look better worn than laid out flat). This has cleared up my head a little and I now have some options for this dress, so I don’t feel like I’ve lost the fight – though it’s certainly far from feeling victorious. Maybe I just anticipated a lot more out of this print and am being too critical of the outfits? I don’t know. I’m definitely not giving up the fight and will put some conscious effort to wear it more until I figure out how I feel about it. And in the meantime I welcome all suggestions as to how you’d style this particular piece. Sometimes a fresh eye is exactly what you need to spark that excitement up again!

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