Circus Meet with Added Elephants


Phew, last Saturday was full of ups and downs. First this meet clashed with me being in Japan, then I remembered that I had another commitment that same day… in the end it was a good day though!

| Angelic Pretty Fantasy Theater Gilet JSK | Lady Sloth gold mesh blouse | Angelic Pretty Crown Logo OTKs | Angelic Pretty Elegant Doll boots | Haruhi Clover headbow | offbrand jewellery |

The biggest achievement is that this makeup lasted from around 10am to 11pm without smudging, creasing or getting distorted in any other way. Success!

Because of this other commitment, I had to change my original plan, which was a bit more circus-y. Having said this, the change of plans gave me an excuse to wear my Lady Sloth blouse for the first time. I can now confirm that it is indeed very comfortable, not scratchy at all and while there was some glitter fallout, it wasn’t too much. I kept my hair simple and used a new makeup palette that I had just been gifted earlier that same week to create a gold look to match.

For the meet we went to the cinema to see the new ‘live action’ Dumbo. Quick confession: I had never actually seen the original animated Dumbo – as a kid I had a book based on it though, so I was familiar with the story. It wasn’t my favourite story, which meant since that early childhood I hadn’t revisited it and forgot a lot of the plot bar key points. On the other hand I guess it allowed me to enjoy the film a little bit more open minded, though much of that story did return to me as I was watching the film.

For anyone interested in it, I’d say it is cute and worth watching. Disney obviously has the money to pump into its productions and it shows because the costumes and visuals are simply stunning. The story remains as was minus talking animals – it’s a cute film and if you like Disney’s stuff, then I think you’ll enjoy this one too. Can’t say anything more than this really, it wasn’t remarkable enough to warrant any more and I’m not a big enough Dumbo fan to comment further.

Since it was a cinema meet, I took exactly zero photos. As far as meets go, it was lovely to see some people I hadn’t seen in a long time and we had a new face at the meet too, so hopefully she’ll come to more.

As my other commitment was pretty much straight after the film (well, plus travel allowance) I brought a change of clothes with me. The randoseru-style bag from Metamorphose is spacious, though not bottomless, so I had to plan my outfit around the base that I had on, since I could only pack a dress on top of my other stuff. As the evening involved a buffer, it also had to be something with plenty of shirring and that’s how I landed on the First Semester JSK. A somewhat risqué choice given the choice of sheer blouse, but it worked really well, so to make up for no meet pictures, have a silly bonus one of me in my evening outfit. Everything is the same except for the dress and one ring.

I am now that girl who takes outfit shots in a bathroom.

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