Easter Weekend Outfits

Easter has come and gone and, thankfully, we’ve been blessed with some truly stunning weather. Finally! I wish it were here to stay, but as I type this post out, the forecast already predicts some cooler temperatures and rainfall for later this week, so I’m glad I made the most out of it now by wearing lolita twice over the long weekend.

| BtSSB Sugar Bouquet Shirring Princess JSK | Millefleurs Georgette blouse | Angelic Pretty Romantic Angel OTKs | Sosic Shop heels | Angelic Pretty Dolly Chiffon headbow | Claire's flower clips | Enchantlic Enchantilly necklace | offbrand earrings |

Squinting hard in that bright sunlight, though my makeup was simple anyway, nothing to show off.

Starting with Easter Sunday itself. I actually had some creative block and absolutely zero idea of what to wear. Even the last two years, when I had been away from home on Easter itself, I had worn lolita, it’s an easy dressed-up option for the occasion that it is in my house. So I decided to let my followers on Instagram decide my coordinate and over the course of the week prior they’ve been helping me put something together via Instagram Stories. I am very happy with this look - it’s bright, colourful, very comfortable and very classy. The only thing I would’ve changed would be the hair. I had originally planned to curl it, but ran out of time and energy that morning, so just left it as I normally do it. Maybe another time.

The day itself looked pretty much like all Easter Sundays we spend at home. We had our traditional breakfast - this time on the balcony, as the weather was too good to stay inside. I am normally in charge of baking for Christmas and Easter and this year I set myself an extra challenge of trying my and at making croissants from scratch. Unfortunately, they did not come out at all - I am much better at cakes and bread than pastry, clearly. Maybe another time I’ll try again, for now if I ever do it will be with store-bought pastry. So we mostly spent the day eating, resting after eating, then eating again, with some play time in between, even managing to squeeze some family board game time (where Mum and I lost miserably to my Dad too many times).

Our Easter table of plenty (or what could fit on it).

Easter Bunny brought me Lindt bunnies - I am very happy!


| AatP Side Frill JSK and brooch | Imperial Fiddlesticks headbow | Tutuanna socks | Innocent World shoes | handmade/offbrand bracelets |

Another sunny day and another squint. This time with even less makeup on - just eyeliner, blush, translucent powder and lipstick. And a good Instagram filter!

Then on Easter Monday Mum and I went to Harrogate - so of course I had to dress up for that too! Because the weather was warm and sunny again, I did toy with the idea of wearing something, well, not lolita, but in the end I’m glad I stuck to my guns. This dress was surprisingly light and comfortable for an all day of walking and all I needed to do was adjust my hoop skirt to a little smaller. The blouse is actually a new acquisition from Primark and is already my favourite: light, breathable and super cute. If you’re near a Primark, get yourself one of these now! For a dress as fancy as this, it’s a pretty casual coordinate too. Kind of ended up having that dirndl vibe too, I’m only two beer jugs away from full Oktoberfest realness. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this look.

Despite not being physically that far, I’d never been to Harrogate before because it takes a while to get to. Granted, due to it being a Bank Holiday, all busses ran on Sunday service (so less frequently), but still the bus journey took an hour and fifteen minutes one way. If we had a car (and a driver), it would’ve been more like forty minute tops, since the bus goes round al the little towns along the way too.

Eat dust, Kim Kardashian, this is how you balance things on your bum!

Queen Victoria looking stern as always.

Such a posh hotel, would love to have a peek inside!

The back of the Royal Pump Room Museum.

Either way, we finally made it and it was such a lovely day out! Harrogate is a lovely town, with lots of pretty Victorian architecture, plenty of green spaces (parks, squares, public gardens and even lawns in front of hotels etc.) and a decent selection of shops and cafes to satisfy most people. We wandered into Lush (I’m deeply hurt by the fact that a small town of 75,000 people like Harrogate has a Lush, but my half a million people city does not) and as many charity shops as we found on our way, since second hand shopping tends to be better in posher areas (though we only actually came across one or two, probably should’ve ventured out further for that). Harrogate is also home to another branch of Bettys tea rooms and while it had a queue outside, we waited barely 5 minutes to be seated. I braved trying something new and went for the chocolate and passionfruit bombe, which was the perfect chocolate lover’s treat for a day too warm for rich chocolate delights.

Mum snapped this cute photo of me in one of the pavillions.

A-grade dessert, definitely would eat again!

Bettys Centenary range is too adorable, I want it all!

Afterwards we strolled round one of the parks, the Valley Gardens, and even had an impromptu museum visit to the Royal Pump Room Museum. It’s such a tiny place, yet full of everything they could relate to the town, from displays about its history and landmarks to bits about Egyptology and a special exhibit of historical wedding dresses. We ended the day at Ask Italian for dinner, which was super nice! I hadn’t tried that particular chain before, but of the Italian cuisine chain restaurants in the UK I’ve tried it’s my favourite so far.

There was a stained glass in the museum and this girl totally captivated me!

What the Royal Baths looked like.

More stained glass.

This is how you do a blush wedding dress - with tonnes of lace!

The entrance/exit to the Royal Pump Room.

A Columnade in the Valley Gardens park was so stunning, would love to see it when everything is at least full of leaves!

The Pavillion at the end of the Columnade.

All the trees in the UK are still in bloom and many are 'snowing' petals. Finally my dreams of warm hanami came true!

Somehow the picture of my dinner didn't save, but look at Mum's asparagus and pancetta tagliatelle with that rainbow salad. We both loved our food, it was delicious and perfect for the weather (I had a spinach and ricotta ravioli, probably the best ones I ever had).

I definitely wish that I either had a car (that I could drive) or that Harrogate was easier to get to. It’s one of those places you just want to potter about more regularly, especially on nice weather days like that one. Having said this, there are still so many places in the UK we’ve not been to before, some of which we discovered during our bus drive there, so we’ll probably prioritise new places.

How was your Easter weekend? What did you do? Did you take the chance to dress in lolita or went with something else?

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