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When the Lolita Blog Carnival prompt is ‘Coord Based on Your Country’, you know what time it is. It’s time for The Polish Dress to come out!

| BtSSB Polonaise Brillante ~ Ideas of a Maiden ~ Apron JSK | Lady Sloth crop top | Innocent
World Origa OTKs | Bodyline heels | Innocent World Strawberry Fields wrist cuffs | My
Inspiration brooch | offbrand necklaces, kokoshnik and flower crown |

No point beating around the bush, we all knew I’d pick this because I am still utterly in love with this dress. Instead of going for a look closer to the Polish national costume, I decided to do a coord using red and white, Polish flag colours, as accents.

This little detail is one of my favourite amongst all my socks.

Granted, the socks are not white at all, but I simply could not resist. I love them to bits and the pattern imitates short boots really well, which is a vibe I wanted to go for.

Maybe it's a bit much - or maybe everything is just bigger in Eastern Europe...

Traditionally you’d wear just an oversized flower crown with a Polish national costume, but that didn’t seem quite enough for me (maybe if I had a bigger crown). So I paired it with the very un-Polish kokoshnik headdress for that extra pop of white in the outfit, as well as the extra height.

My camera really doesn't like reds. I promise that those orange-toned looking ones aren't
as bright in real life!

I kept accessories to a minimum. This isn’t really an OTT outfit, so a couple of carefully chosen pieces are enough. I will say though that I love how well those wrist cuffs match – the red lace is pretty much the same shade as the blouse, while the pop of green reflects the dress.

That shade of red matches the roses on the print almost spot on.

And speaking of the blouse, does it count for extra points when the blouse is actually from the country the outfit is based on? While I don’t think that I will ever fully convert to crop tops (in as well as outside lolita), this Lady Sloth one is really cute and comfy and it would make this outfit more wearable.

I initially wanted to at least try to throw in a bonus coord inspired by the UK, but in the end I decided against it. I just didn’t have any ideas and there was no point trying to force something out just for the sake of it.

As always, make sure to check out posts from the other bloggers who are participating in this week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt!



  1. I love Polish national dress, and you've made such a lovely coord with the theme!


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