5 Surprise Finds I Enjoyed More Than I Expected


The fact of life of shopping online is that sometimes purchases disappoint. And sometimes they exceed expectations. This goes regardless of whether we’re talking about lolita fashion or something else. However, since this blog is dedicated to discussing lolita fashion, that’s what I’ll focus on. This week’s Lolita Blog Carnival prompt asks us to list 5 surprise finds we didn’t realise we’d enjoy so much. So let me open my wardrobe spreadsheet to prompt my memory and let’s go!

1. Metamorphose Polka Dots Shirring Pinafore JSK

Hands down my favourite coordinate with this dress!

This is without a doubt my number 1 surprise find that I absolutely fell in love! My expectations were set low when I was purchasing, it was simply a cheap piece I thought I could wear casually. It still is a piece I bought cheaply that I could wear casually, but everything changed the moment I saw glitter. And while I’ve worn it casually quite often, I now think this dress is so much prettier and so much more versatile that it deserves to be worn in proper lolita ways too. You can see what I’ve done with it so far in my last Around Your Wardrobe in 30 Coordinates post, as well as some still unused ideas from the 1 Dress 4 Looks post. And even that is barely scratching the surface of what’s possible! An 11/10 best buy.

2. Hush Puppies boots

Worn and trusted, where would I be without these boots now?

It may come as a surprise to you, but as far as I can recall I wasn’t actually after short wine red boots. Certainly not with heels, not at that time. However, I spotted these on Facebook, oddly enough whilst on our family Easter trip to Wales, and kind of went with the impulse and bought them. Now they’re a key feature in my wardrobe, getting plenty of wear in all kinds of coordinates. They’re comfortable and sturdy, good if I’m suddenly caught in the rain (though certainly not waterproof) and I can easily layer some thick socks inside to make them warm enough for winter. I’ve no idea what I would’ve done without them, they are in literally so many of my outfits!

3. Heart E Tartan JSK

I promise that I'm not theming this post around pieces I've worn in 1960s style. Those are just the most recent coords with those dresses - and my personal favourites.

Another random find, though I do remember looking for a tartan dress at that time. To me this was always going to be something to wear casually, and so far that is the fate that it met, mostly because of the length and smaller skirt. Because in my mind this is my casual, almost non-lolita piece, the amount of compliments this dress receives pretty much every time never fails to surprise me. Of course, it is a lovely piece, a great mix of punky raw edges with preppy cuteness - I simply never anticipated that it would catch the eye of so many others! And while it hasn’t quite shared the same fate as the Meta JSK, I have been finding more fun ways to wear it. I guess abandoning the labels and simply enjoying my clothes is opening my eyes to the true potential of this dress.

4. Alice and the Pirates Sheherazade headdress

This piece is also detachable, which adds some much needed versatility to this headdress.

Whilst Sheherazade was (still is) a dream dress of mine, I wasn’t particularly keen on the headdress. Still, I purchased the set of JSK, headdress and socks because I found it BNWT on Yahoo Auctions and thought that if I really dislike the headdress, I can always sell it. It stayed in my collection mostly unused and while I can’t say that it’s suddenly a new favourite of mine, I have grown to appreciate it a lot more recently. It is somehow a lot easier to wear than my other rectangle headdress, to the point where I am considering investing in a few more flouncier pieces like this one. It is fancy enough to work as my sole head accessory for a tea party, though still low-key enough to just throw it on with a lazy outfit. After I wore it last, I really looked at it with surprise at how much wear I got out of something I never wanted and how much I actually like it. I certainly wouldn’t get rid of it now!

5. Vintage bow necklace

I seriously need to go back to that shop, maybe there are some more gems like this to be picked up.

This one was purchased at a time in my life when, whilst my interest in and love for lolita has grown significantly, I was still more focused on building a rockabilly and vintage wardrobe. I found this in 2014 at a vintage shop in Harrogate for something silly I can’t remember now (definitely under £10 because I was still a poor student, so anything more would’ve seemed extortionate). Since then I’ve worn this more times than I can count, used it in flatlays even more and put it simply, it’s a key staple of my entire jewellery collection. I seem to always come back to it when in doubt because it matches my wardrobe so well! It’s small enough to blend, yet still large enough to make it into a centrepiece. It’s sweet and cutesy, perfect for sweet lolita, though the red colourway means I can work it into more classic coordinates too. It’s simply just right for me and my style!

What purchases have you had that ended up surprising you in how much you enjoy them? Were you surprised instantly upon receiving them or did they grow on you? Have they been big pieces or small accessories that are now your trusted go-to’s? As always with the Lolita Blog Carnival posts, don’t forget to check out what the other participating bloggers have written!


  1. I love a good find, and all of these look like it, but especially the tartan dress... OMG <3 Such a beautiful jsk you've got there, you lucky girl!

    1. I went back on Wunderwelt to look at the original listing I bought it from and realised it was listed as Condition D: stains and visible wear&tear - which I can't find at all? Not on the detail pictures on the old listing and there certainly weren't any when I got it. It just proves how you can find gems like this anywhere, it only requires keeping an open mind when browsing.

  2. I love it when we find little details that just spark something in you, on looking it over. The glitter detailing, shimmer threads, and the like tend to get me too.

    The hush puppies! I have dreamed of finding a pair like these! I will one day. The fact that you've found them in wine is a wonder to me, too. I can understand the heel concern, I'm always wobbly on my feet but these look like they have a substantial heel to keep steady with. They're lovely.

    And yay to vintage jewelry! This piece is so cute and adds that little oomph easily, due to color, styling, and the little pearl detailing. It's really a cute piece.

    Such great finds!

    1. Being into lolita is just one variety of being a magpie, we still can't resist when our pretties have shiny bits in them xD

      The Hush Puppies boots were such a lucky find! Every time I went on eBay or something to look for any, not only did I not find this model, but they were all much, much more than what I paid. Understandably knowing what good quality they are, but still.

      Vintage jewellery is so wonderful, I definitely want more because that attention to detail is like nothing else. Shame that making the world safe again can't be hurried...


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