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All the way back in December now I have made some Lolitagoals for the New Year (not so new anymore). Amongst the six that I made two related to making my wardrobe more versatile and weather appropriate, so that I could wear Lolita more often (which is goal number one, actually), including a provision that I regularly assess my wardrobe to ensure that I'm not losing track of that. So I thought that it’d be a good idea to share that assessment over here.

Whilst it’s not ideal, as the wardrobe post from the beginning of the year gradually becomes a bit outdated with me getting a lot of new pieces just in January, I will use it as a point of reference as for now it still visualises my main pieces pretty well.

What I’ll do in the Lolidrobe Reassessment Posts are three main things:
  1. Briefly go through the things that I added (just what it is, what colour and style it is, keep it simple);
  2. A summary of how the above has impacted my Lolidrobe, even if I haven’t tested the looks out yet (again, keeping it unspecific, mostly down to numbers and styles);
  3. Finally, following from that, some ideas on what other looks I would like to be able to do/complete and what items I believe to be missing from my Lolidrobe for that.
What this will do is provide me with a clear and thorough outline of where I’m heading next (fingers crossed I’ll avoid too much impulse buying), that will also work as a way for me to improve as a Lolita through brainstorming my ideas and comments from you – as well as make for something interesting for you to read, hopefully.

I don’t expect this to be a regular monthly thing, since there are bound to be some “dry” months when I don’t buy anything or times when I simply don’t feel like doing such an in depth assessment of my clothes. But what I’ll also try to stick in there, just as a quick note at the end, are summaries of how I’m doing with my Lolita goals to date and possibly a link to an up to date Lolita wish list (let’s see how quickly that sucker will change).

So without further ado, let’s begin the first Lolidrobe Reassessment Post of 2016!


New additions
As this was the month when I got to spend my first proper wage that I received in my life, I did go a little crazy when shopping. At the same time I also spent about a month and a half thinking what to buy with that money, so it should be a pretty cohesive haul with meaningful additions to the wardrobe. Not including things that can’t be seen, like underwear or petticoats, or things for my DIY projects (things with a * sign have been ordered and/or shipped, but I don't physically have them yet):
  • 1 JSK (navy, Sweet with potential for very OTT)
  • 4 blouses (short sleeve Sweet in sax, long princess sleeve in black, long sleeve Classic/Sweet in dusty pink, and long sleeve Classic in wine*)
  • 1 cardigan (gold, Sweet/Classic)
  • 3 pairs of OTKs (1 Sweet/Classic in ivory, 1 Sweet/Classic sax with pink, and 1 Classic/Military in wine*)
  • 1 pair of shoes (gold*)
  • 5 pieces of accessories (1 Sweet gold hair clip, 1 Classic/Circus wine x gold headbow, 1 pair of Sweet/Classic white wrist cuffs, 1 Sweet/Circus necklace, and 1 pair of Sweet earrings*).
All this makes for a total of 15 new additions to the wardrobe in one shape or another.

Possible new looks
Particularly the addition of blouses has made a big impact on my Lolidrobe’s versatility. I can see each blouse complimenting at least 5 dresses (including the recent addition), and some even cover more. I counted maybe 22 possible new blouse and JSK combos, though not all have been tried and some may be missing other bits, especially accessories.

All other pieces, except for the JSK, complete the looks that I already have, but also go towards creating some new ones, albeit in a subtle way. The JSK itself is very much within the style and colours that I currently favour, which makes it easy to fit with the pieces I have already.

How to make my Lolidrobe go even further?
I think that I’m going in the right direction at the moment. Having tried the black princess sleeve blouse with some of my JSKs I realised that the ruffle scoop neckline isn’t ideal for all the JSKs I own, standing collars would probably be best – but I also found that I love the way princess sleeves look and feel with my Lolita. Having said that, as I already have quite a few blouses, I’ll try to not get any unless I spot a good deal/great offbrand piece, although a blouse in navy might complete the colour palette of my wardrobe at the moment.

I realised that I don’t have enough accessories, especially headpieces/headbows and socks. With the addition of the wine blouse I feel that a pair of shoes in wine would finish the coords that use it. More socks and/or tights in other complimenting colours and styles would go a long way towards getting the most wear out of my pieces.

Items to purchase next those with a question mark are to be bought only if I spot some that I like for cheap:
  • Classic OTKs in navy and sax (the latter might be difficult);
  • Sweet OTKs in white with a lot of pink accents (or all pink);
  • Plain tights in dusty pink, sax and wine;
  • Secret Shop’s wine tea parties;
  • Cardigans/boleros, especially in navy, wine, sax and/or pink (long-sleeve preferred);
  • Headbows in navy, ivory, red and pastel blue (ivory could cover at least 4 looks, if not more);
  • Wristcuffs in navy and sax (wine as well if I find a short sleeve blouse in that colour);
  • Other hair accessories: hair clips (bows? bears? cupcakes? – have to be in pairs)?
  • More jewellery?
  • Long sleeve navy blouse?
  • Short sleeve wine blouse?
  • OTKs in black?

Current wish list
This includes my dream dresses and pieces I’m unlikely to own due to size or availability/price issues. But a girl can wish, right? Pretty much in order of priority:

New Year’s goals: progress summary
  1. Number of times I wore Lolita to date: 2
  2. Number of meets attended to date: 0
  3. Did I have the agreed amount of money in my account at all times: Yes
  4. Have I paid more attention to seasons with Lolita: Yes, albeit only slightly (cardi + OTKs don't make for that much of a difference)
  5. Is my wardrobe more versatile than it was when last checked: Yes (out of 15 things bought only one item doesn't compliment what I already own, as it's a main piece)
  6. Boyfriend Ouji-kei-fication status: he’s been presented with the idea and a few coats from AatP, and seems to like the style for now. I am on a lookout for decently priced Ouji-kei jackets or vests to get him started


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