Wardrobe Post 2021

* image by Mimi Jamora

This year instead of deluding myself that I won't be making a wardrobe post, I simply told myself that it doesn't have to be in January. It was going to be, but then other things happened and I procrastinated. Mainly because I didn't want to take all the new photos, post things and then have things arrive (namely my Puvithel order). However, I've accepted that a wardrobe post or spreadsheet will never be complete because of the nature of lolita wardrobes as things that are ever-changing, so here it is: wardrobe post 2021, at my own pace, as complete as it could be for now.

Despite pandemic being a very easy environment to fill the emptiness with shopping, I'm proud of myself for not going overboard. There are additions, but mostly small and thought throught. Some things have also gone, making room for items that simply work better for me. Wearing lolita more in 2020 also reminded me that I haven't necessarily been straying away from sweet - I still love it, to look at and to wear, and I've found out more about the kind of sweet that I enjoy wearing the most. Which means that fewer things will leave my possession in the immediate future, a couple may end up being added to facilitate that wardrobe better, and for the most part I'll likely keep working with what I have.

Because the world has still not recovered, my goals for 2021 are focused on wearing things and being creative with my lolita. You can read more about it here. There are plenty of coord ideas I'd like to give life to just with what I have so far, all of which will feature on my blog one way or another as soon as they are realised.
Just like last year, I'm focusing on detailing the info of main pieces and listing all other ones by brand only. However, you can always ask me where something is from if I haven't mentioned. Due to broken links on older wardrobe posts, I'm not linking those, but they are all under the wardrobe post tag, should you want to read through descriptions.

It's my cheapest main piece and whilst a little on the short side for my current preferences, I still love it.
Baroque x Sakizo Repose of Queen Teatime Dress set with overskirt (not pictured)
I have very fond memories modelling this at Dream Masquerade Carnival shortly after my own set arrived. This print is so lush and I love Sakizo's work!
BtSSB Soirée of the Beginning of My Memories JSK I
The last thing I bought in 2020 and a long time on-again-off-again wishlist piece - in a colourway I didn't anticipate myself getting, but which I actually love more. Miss Wannabe Scarlett O'Hara is mine now.
The first piece I bought directly from brand in the Kanazawa branch. It was a pretty literal 'shut up and take my money' kind of situation.
Alice and the Pirates Rosier Fleur JSK 
I'm not sure whether it's the original or the re-release, though I feel like it might be the original. Either way, it's a stunning piece that pictures don't do justice.
Angelic Pretty Cinema Doll JSK (2018 MTO)  
I am so glad I jumped on this MTO, this dress is absolutely stunning and I love it with all my heart. Thank you, AP, for not changing the fabric on this one.
Bought this to use as an underskirt, but I've actually been using it on its own a lot. It's a great piece for layering of all sorts, if you can, I recommend getting it.
This gets far more wear for work than in Lolita coords. Although as with any tiered cotton skirt, the ironing/steaming is a chore.

Another fantastic casual piece. As the cut is very classic A-line, it sometimes translates as more otome than lolita, but I don’t care, this is gorgeous. And did you know that the lining is also printed? That’s a detail I never knew I needed, but appreciate nonetheless!

Dangerous Nude Gobelin bloomers
Perfect bloomers don't exi... Nope, they do! Well, maybe if they were just a smidge bigger... Then they'd be perfect. But they're not far from it now!
Innocent World Georges Rose JSK  
Promise I ironed it, it just wrinkles like crazy. It's a great fancy, but still sort of blending in kind of piece. Although I must say, I do wish Innocent World learned how to cut for people with actual boobs.
That gobelin fabric is the most gorgeous thing ever. And I love all the pops of sax on this colourway!
Angelic Pretty Flower Garden JSK  
After being on and off my wishlist for a while, I found it for a price that was too good to say no to. It sticks out in my collection like a sore thumb and I still love it.
Violet Fane Otome Nostalgia skirt
Dare I say that this design won the lolita Internet in 2020? It's amazing and it literally evokes all kinds of nostalgia within my heart.

Innocent World White W Blade Tuck skirt (long)
Technically this probably isn't really lolita. Nonetheless, this is a great skirt and Innocent World White deserves to be included, especially as I've gone to the trouble of photographing all my completely offbrand bits too.
Bodyline L262 (altered)  
Here is the very first Lolita dress I ever bought and I still love it. It's a very versatile piece and looks way nicer than you'd expect from Bodyline.
Metamorphose Polka Dots Tiered skirt 
  Yes, I know that I have a dress that’s basically the same thing. But this is Meta and was cheap, how could I have said no? 
HeartE tartan JSK. 
  I don't know the official name of it. This piece is one of my most comfortable and I'm sad to have gotten into HeartE just before they closed. It always surprises me how many people compliment this dress in particular, since it's such a simple design that I wear more casually than in proper lolita ways 
(especially as it's a touch short for lolita).
Metamorphose x Kamen Rider Gold Braid Tuck Pinafore JSK
A long time dream dress that I was finally able to get in 2020. It's so understated and full of detail, I'm over the moon to have it!

Alice and the Pirates Sheherazade ~ One Thousand and One Nights ~ JSK I  
Another one where I find the cut extremely flattering on me. More of this kind of cuts, please! But without the weird back bow, just keep it simple, AatP.
You may think it’s an exaggeration, but this OP has changed my life. It’s comfortable, it’s versatile thanks to the detachable collar and cuffs, and it’s incredibly flattering. A firm favourite.
This is the most seasonal print I envision myself getting. Love it to bits, it's the best and basically wear the crap out of it each December. It's also super sturdy and warm as it's two layers of cotton.
The only mint piece in my collection, although it is a bluish mint. I've ended up getting a fair few pieces to match just this, but it's been totally worth it.
Metamorphose Bubble Bath skirt 
I’ve no idea how it took me so long to discover this print. I’m simply grateful that once I did, I was able to find it so quickly. It’s CATS TAKING A BATH, how can I not love it?!
A long-standing dream dress that's finally mine. I love IW's simple take on sweet lolita! There were plenty of times when I almost gave in and bought it in brown, but I'm glad I didn't, it was 100% worth the wait.
Haenuli Lovely Memories JSK
 That lace is everything! I absolutely love this dress and feel so elegant in it.
Lord, the skirt on this one never ends, which is painfuly obvious when ironing/steaming! But it's also such a comfortable and versatile dress, so I will live with the pain.
Bodyline L249 JSK  
Second lolita dress I ever bought and while I still adore it, it is a touch short. Though in 2020 I finally figured out a good way around that, so I look forward to this new lease of life for this dress.
Lady Sloth/Casual Sloth Look at My Dreamy Sky - Day OP
Although it's from the casual range, it still works with lolita. This has been worn to a wedding, as well as just out and about, so even though it's from the casual range, it's still fancy enough if you need it.
Haenuli Whipped Cream Kitty JSK  
This was a present from my ex-boyfriend for graduating with a 2:1. It has a matching waist ribbon, but I couldn't be bother to dig it out just for the photo as I don't wear it very often (if ever).
 BtSSB Secret AIR MAIL from Sweet Kitty JSK  
The kitties are adorable, I can't believe it took me this long to realise how good this print is, even though I remember it coming out.
Angelic Pretty Crystal Dream Carnival Tiered JSK  
This was an instant dream dress, but the damn thing appeared just after I spent all my savings on Fantasy Theater. I was lucky to get it later without selling a kidney.
This is also a piece that I wear a lot to work. The print always gets noticed and complimented a lot. It's also the skirt I wear when travelling, since it's light and means I can wear my petticoat instead of trying to pack it. So far it's been to 7 countries, if we include its country of origin. And I'm sure it will see more.
Mary Magdalene Paulina JSK  
My namesake and ultimate dream dress. You can pry that from my cold, dead fingers, I ain't ever getting rid of this! Everything about this dress is simply perfect to me.
Resailan Jewelry Box JSK I (altered)
I love this print, but the original cut wasn't working for me, so I had it altered. Now it's a shape that flatters me more and while I'd still change a few bits, I can at least wear it and feel good about myself.
Dear Celine Magic Book OP
This is such a great print. Whilst I got it with the intention of wearing it more casually, it just hasn't quite happened - but the potential is there!
Metamorphose Wizarding Lesson ~ The Trainee Wizard ~ pants
My first and only pair of ouji shorts. Meta wins the game with so many detachable pieces. Although Meta always wins the game in my eyes.
After Midnight The First Semester JSK
This cut is the best: super comfy and super flattering. Definitely want more green in my wardrobe - and more underbust (or near underbust) cuts!
BtSSB Polonaise Brillante ~ Ideas of a Maiden ~ Apron JSK  
This was an insta-dream dress, Baby did so well capturing the essence and detail of Polish national costume and I pretty literally cried when I finally got my hands on it at BtSSB Osaka. The staff must’ve thought I was a bit mad, but I don’t care, this is my child and I can’t wait to keep evolving and upping the Polish vibes in my coords with this!
L'Esprit de la Noblesse La Bibliotheque JSK
This design stole my heart at first sight and the dress then conquered it the moment I put it on. I really want more from L'Esprit de la Noblesse now!
My first gothic piece (despite the very sweet name). Excuse the heavy editing, I wanted to showcase some of that flocked detail. The gold specks is actually glitter. This looks much better in movement, so I recommend checking out the lookbook video I did with this dress.
Haenuli Just One Bite JSK (Jacquard) 
 Although not the first gothic dress I purchased, this was the first one I couldn’t get out of my head. And I’m so happy that I was able to get it during Haenuli’s Farewell Reservations, it’s such a stunning piece.

Row 1: Atelier Boz, Little Dipper, vintage
Row 2: vintage, offbrand, vintage
Row 3: Mytholon, offbrand, vintage
Row 4: Metamorphose, vintage, Alice and the Pirates

Row 1: BtSSB, Bodyline, Innocent World, Innocent World
Row 2: Axes Femme, New Look, A.R.W., Dream V
Row 3: Angelic Pretty, Axes Femme, BtSSB, offbrand
Row 4: Axes Femme, Innocent World, Fi.n.t., Crown Label
Row 5: Angelic Pretty, Dancing Days, Hell Bunny, Innocent World
Row 6: offbrand, offbrand, Innocent World, Axes Femme

Row 1: Primark, Metamorphose, Nile Perch
Row 2: A.R.W., Fi.n.t., Axes Femme
Row 3: Axes Femme, Axes Femme, Dear Celine

  Row 1: Crown Label, Ank Rouge, Lady Sloth
Row 2: Dorothy Perkins, Magic Tea Party, Axes Femme
Row 3: Axes Femme, Axes Femme 

 Row 1: Infanta, offbrand, A.R.W.
Row 2: offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Axes Femme
Row 3: Chess Story, offbrand

Row 1: Innocent World, Primark, New Look
Row 2: Bodyline, Lady Sloth, BtSSB
Row 3: BtSSB, offbrand, Axes Femme

 Row 1: Axes Femme, Infanta, New Look,
Row 2: BtSSB, New Look, Axes Femme,
Row 3: vintage, Lazy Oaf, L'Esprit de la Noblesse

Row 1: vintage, Angelic Pretty, Miss Point
Row 2: I Do Declare, Sentaro, Axes Femme
Row 3: DreamV, Axes Femme, Lady Sloth

Row 1: Millefleurs, Angelic Pretty, Infanta
Row 2: Yilia, Chess Story, Axes Femme
Row 3: Babysong Lolita

Axes Femme, Axes Femme, I Do Declare

Row 1: Irregular Choice, offbrand x2, Irregular Choice, Metamorphose
Row 2: Bodyline, Innocent World, Graceland, offbrand, Hush Puppies
Row 3: Angelic Pretty, Irregular Choice, Clarks, Hush Puppies, Sosic Shop
Row 4: Irregular Choice, offbrand, Bodyline, Sosic Shop, Deary
Row 5: Graceland x3, Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Row 1: Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World, Loris, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty
Row 2: BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, Disney, offbrand, Dream V
Row 3: A.R.W., Amavel, Vendula, Vendula, Vendula
Row 4: Innocent World

Row 1: MuFish, Angelic Pretty, unknown, offbrand, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty x2 
Row 2: Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty x3, Innocent World x2

Innocent World x2, Alice and the Pirates, Metamorphose, Angelic Pretty x4, Metamorphose, Jane Marple
Angelic Pretty x3, Innocent World x2, Angelic Pretty x2, BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World, Putomayo 

Angelic Pretty x2, Alice and the Pirates, Innocent World, BtSSB, Metamorphose
Innocent World, Angelic Pretty x5, Putomayo, Innocent World x3
Baroque x2, Resailan, Kira Kira, Violet Fane 

Enchantlic Enchantilly, Red Maria, Enchantlic Enchantilly x2, MuFish, Haenuli 

Haenuli, Red Maria, MuFish, Resailan, Angelic Pretty 

Row 1: After Midnight, Cutie Creator, Baroque
Row 2: Imperial Fiddlesticks, Cutie Creator, Angelic Pretty
Row 3: Haruhi Clover, Cutie Creator x2

Row 1: Cutie Creator x3
Row 2: Angelic Pretty, Haruhi Clover, Peacockalorum
Row 3: Imperial Fiddlesticks, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World

Row 1: After Midnight, offbrand, Dreamy Bows
Row 2: handmade, Angelic Pretty x2
Row 3: Angelic Pretty, Cutie Creator x2

Row 1: Cutie Creator, Angelic Pretty, Red Maria
Row 2: BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, Haruhi Clover
Row 3: Innocent World, Haruhi Clover, Cutie Creator

Row 1: Resailan, offbrand, Ruby Rose
Row 2: Pauline Garden, Cutie Creator x2

All offbrand except 2nd row middle one which is from After Midnight

Row 1: handmade, vintage, Cutie Creator, vintage
Row 2: handmade, vintage x2, Beholder Fashions
Row 3: offbrand, handmade, offbrand

Row 1: Jeshii Doll, Triple Fortune, Kaneko Shop
Row 2: offbrand, Vierge Vampur

all offbrand

Row 1: Twinkle Kitty Boutique x2, Jane Marple
Row 2: Sweet Dolly House, Cutie Craze Cafe, handmade

First ring is Angelic Pretty. All other ones are offbrand.

Last ring is Le Petit Four. All other ones are offbrand.

Row 1: BtSSB, Twinkle Kitty Boutique, Star Glazed Delights
Row 2: handmade, Angelic Pretty, Cutie Craze Cafe

Row 1: handmade x2, Wicked and Whimsy
Row 2: Star Glazed Delights, 4 Aces, Twinkle Kitty Boutique

Row 1: Sweet Dolly House, Beckie's Kawaii Charms, Twinkle Kitty Boutique
Row 2: Twinkle Kitty Boutique x2, Voodoodolly

Row 1: vintage, offbrand, Jane Marple
Row 2: Le Petit Four, Enchantlic Enchantilly, offbrand

Row 1: offbrand, Chocomint, Beckie's Kawaii Charms
Row 2: Love a Lolita, offbrand, Angelic Pretty

The first pair is Innocent World. The last pair is offbrand. All other ones are vintage.

Row 1: Peacockalorum, Cutie Creator, Angelic Pretty
Row 2: Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, Innocent World
Row 3: Angelic Pretty, Peacockalorum

Row 1: offbrand x3
Row 2: handmade x3
Row 3: offbrand x2

All handmade.

Row 1: offbrand, vintage, offbrand
Row 2: offbrand x3
Row 3: Rose Marie Seoir x2, Innocent World

Row 1: Gravelvet, offbrand x2
Row 2: offbrand, vintage, offbrand
Row 3: vintage, offbrand x2

Row 1: Metamorphose, Gravelvet, Summer Tales Boutique
Row 2: offbrand x3
Row 3: Risu Rose, offbrand x2

Row 1: offbrand, Lady Sloth, offbrand
Row 2: Once Upon a Cookie Treat, Angelic Pretty, My Inspiration
Row 3: vintage, After Midnight, vintage

Row 1: Enchanted Dreamwear, offbrand, Mademoiselle Boutique
Row 2: handmade, vintage, Puvithel
Row 3: handmade, offbrand x2

Row 1: vintage, handmade, Violet Fane
Row 2: Enchantlic Enchantilly, Bubblegum Emporium, handmade
Row 3: Sweet Dolly House, offbrand x2

Row 1: Bibelot Rose, offbrand, Angelic Pretty
Row 2: unknown indie, Metamorphose, handmade
Row 3: offbrand, Fantastic Grim Jewelry, Promised Land Creations

Two Days Slow, After Midnight, Le Petit Four 

Row 1: Bodyline x2, Love from the North
Row 2: IREGL, Dear Celine, Attack of the Clones
Row 3: Milkribbon, Patisserie Pink, Angelic Pretty

Row 1: Fluffy Tori, vintage x2
Row 2: Glass Bottle of Gourmand, vintage x2
Row 3: vintage, Dear Celine, handmade

Row 1: Axes Femme, Bodyline, offbrand
Row 2: Bibelot Rose, Puvithel, Ebony and Ivory
Row 3: vintage, AatP, offbrand

Row 1: Violet Fane, My Inspiration, Patisserie Pink
Row 2: Tea Party Club, handmade, Ichigo Htut
Row 3: Madillustration, offbrand x2

Row 1: Madillustration, Angelic Pretty, Fluffy Tori
Row 2: Jule et Lily, Bibelot Rose, Jule et Lily
Row 3: Madillustration, Rose Marie Seoir, Tea Party Club

Row 1: Dentelles, Pepperming Fox x2
Row 2: My Inspiration, Peacockalorum, Long Ears and Sharp Ears
Row 3: OT-Tea Party, Madillustration, Dear Celine

Row 1: Sweet Dolly House, Lady Sloth x2
Row 2: Late Galaxy, Promised Land Creations (damaged), Madillustration
Row 3: Angelic Pretty, offbrand, Innocent World

Row 1: Hello Crumpet, Tea Party Club, Fluffy Tori
Row 2: Patisserie Pink, Song and Temple, Amor Barroco
Row 3: offbrand, vintage, Violet Fane

Row 1: Fluffy Tori, offbrand, Milkribbon
Row 2: Wonderbox Designs, Axes Femme x2
Row 3: Violet Fane, Summer Tales Boutique, Lady Sloth

Fluffy Tori, Violet Fane, offbrand.

Shinku Rose Tulle Overdress 

Peacockalorum underskirt 

Boguta starry underskirt 

Miscellaneous, including: BtSSB parasol, Peacockalorum muff, vintage belts, Angelic Pretty x Tea Party Club mug and box, mirrors from Haenuli and Angelic Pretty, clearfiles from Haenuli and Dear Celine, event fans and a handmade sash. 


Puvithel jewellery I don't have stock pictures of.

Thank you very much for looking through it. I hope that you have ejoyed my wardrobe post and maybe even found something new in this fashion to appreciate. I know I certainly love browsing through other people's posts and finding items and details that I missed until then.

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